5 tips to overcome fear of commitment

The fear of commitment is one of the main problems traumatizing this generation. Irrespective of gender, there is a significant majority who have anxiety regarding commitment. The reasons behind the problem varies from financial troubles, past trauma to simple fear of losing their identity. As a result, often such individuals fail to find the right partner as they let go of the relationship even before things get serious. But if you are willing to fight this fear, we have you covered. Here are few such tips which will help you to overcome the fear of commitment entirely.

Take baby steps in relationship

More often than not, the fear of commitment is deep rooted in past trauma. It can be a past relationship or scars from a dysfunctional family. When you know the demons in your mind, you will be the best judge of handling your relationship. Take small steps at a time. If your partner is insistent on taking drastic steps, talk to them about your issues if possible. Explain them all about your fear. If they truly care about you, they will take into consideration the troubles you have.

Clearly communicate your boundaries

Commitment phobia often leads to trust issues and even secretive tendencies. In such situation, you probably have certain innate boundaries that you simply can tolerate being crossed. Stay open with communication and polite convey the limitations to your partner. Their approach would also give you an idea about their personality. You may even slowly start shedding your inhibitions and fear as you realise their beauty as a person.

Retrospect about your present relationship status

Give some thought to your present relationship status. Do you rely on the person? Have they earned an irreplaceable place in your life? These are important questions- it will help you get an insight about the validity of your fear. If you feel the answer to all such questions are positive, that negates your fears automatically. On the other hand, if you have mix feelings about the relationship, it is wiser to keep taking baby steps.

Avoid switching partners frequently

Frequently switching partners, getting into flings or quitting a relationship early often breed the fear of commitment. You may feel doing so is giving you better emotional control but it actually makes it difficult to have a long-term relationship later in life. If you have a breakup, take time to work on yourself. For physical intimacy get a sex doll rather than getting into a fling. Physical intimacy is important and there is nothing wrong with wanting that. But have some patience and control to work on your emotional health too.

Consult therapists for help

Last but not the least, if your fear seem impossible to overcome, get consultation from a therapist. They can give you a better idea about the right approach to overcoming the fear. Moreover, if you have a relationship, it is better to get a consultation as a couple. This would give you a better insight about your fears.

Commitment is the foundation of a strong relationship. When you are ready to commit, you already come a long way. With these tips in mind, you can make sure you overcome the fear completely and get ready to embark is a new journey of life with your partner.

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