Front Royal truck accident: A guide for claimants

Any accident is horrible, but truck accidents often have the most disastrous outcomes. If you were injured in a mishap involving a truck in Front Royal, you need to be cautious about your claim. Unlike a usual road mishap involving two cars, truck accidents are complex, and one of the most challenging tasks is establishing the party responsible for your situation. Here are some quick points for claimants. 

Get an attorney

You need a reliable truck accident lawyer in Front Royal who can be your guide and advocate. Auto accident laws are complex, and investigating these mishaps can take time and resources. An attorney experienced in the field can ensure you don’t settle for less. They will use expert witnesses & accident reconstruction experts, if necessary, to find fault and liability. Your attorney is also responsible for filing a lawsuit in court if the insurance offer isn’t enough to cover your losses. 

Your compensation includes many things

You can recover different types of damages with a truck accident claim. The long list includes the cost of medical care, including ER costs, future medical expenses, lost income, and loss of earning capacity. You can also recover non-economic damages, such as pain, anxiety, and suffering. Other damages include any vehicle-related losses and repairs.  

You must adhere to the statute of limitations

The statute of limitations determines the time cap for different lawsuits. For any truck or car accident claim in Virginia, you have two years to file a direct lawsuit. For vehicle damage lawsuits, the deadline is five years. Note that the deadline starts from the accident date. 

Your fault is a big factor

Unlike most states that follow the comparative negligence rule, Virginia follows the contributory negligence rule. That means that if you are even at the slightest fault, you cannot recover anything at all. The rule may seem harsh, but it is applicable to all auto accidents. 

Don’t take chances

You are up against trucking companies and large insurance carriers when fighting for your claim. If you don’t understand how claims adjusters manipulate and use tactics against claimants, you may end up accepting any offer they make. Always let an attorney negotiate for you, and because they work without the usual hourly rate, they are interested in maximizing your settlement. 

Whether you have doubts about the contributory negligence rule or want to know the worth of your claim, contact an attorney immediately after the truck accident. 

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