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The Microsoft DP-100 Exam for designing and implementing the data science solution on Azure is one of the most promising Microsoft certifications a data scientist can attain. It enables professionals to design, evaluate, and deploy specific AI solutions to help various organizations achieve their business objectives. Some of the key learning outputs of the DP-100 include language processing, speech, computer vision, as well as predictive analysis.

And as the IT industry is seeing a major shift toward cloud computing and cloud security, it is the exact time to apply for one of these Microsoft online courses. However, you must know the proper exam format to make sure you get the badge of a Microsoft-certified professional in one go. And for this reason, we have mentioned the complete details of this exam below.

Skills Measured

As mentioned earlier, it is a professional certification exam passing which you will be able to work on planning and adapting suitable data science solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. So, you must have all the relevant technical skills like running data experiments, training predictive models, model management and optimization, and deploying machine learning prototypes into the Azure environment.

Moreover, there are a few technical tasks that you need to perform during the exam, which include setting up an Azure machine learning workspace, managing Azure resources for machine learning, operationalizing machine learning solutions, and implementing responsible machine learning. Therefore, before taking the test, you must have your hands on these exercises. 

Exam Pattern

Please go through the following table to know all the details regarding the exam pattern.

The pattern of the Test (MCQ)

Number of Questions40 – 60
Time Limit120 Minutes
Negative MarkingNO
Passing Score700/1000

In addition to the multiple-choice questions, there will also be some multiple response questions (MRQ) wherein there can be more than one possible answer to the same question. So, you can select more than one option for some of the questions included in the test. At the same time, you should know that this exam also consists of a few unscored questions. So, attempting or leaving an unscored question will not make any difference in your results. 

How to Schedule the Exam

There are multiple ways you can schedule an appointment for the exam of DP 100 certification. One way is to go to the official Microsoft Learn website directly, then go to the certifications panel and look for the ‘Microsoft Certified Professional: Azure Data scientist Associate’ within the list of data scientist certificates. This way, you get all the details regarding the test, and there will be an option to schedule the exam when you scroll down. You will need to pay USD 165 to schedule an exam from the official Microsoft website. You can also book your test via different IT platforms like Pearson VUE and Certiport, etc.

Important Points to be Noted Before Scheduling the Exam

You can cancel your slot only within 24 hours prior to the appointment of your schedule, meaning you cannot cancel it if less than 24 hours are remaining for the exam.

Reschedule option is available.

Your exam fee will not be returned in case you do not appear for the test on the scheduled day without canceling or rescheduling it. Different slots are available so that you can choose the exam time based on convenience. You will have to pay around $165 while scheduling.

Certificate validity

This Microsoft certificate is non-expirable, and hence you will not have to worry about extending its validity from time to time. Previously, it was only valid for three years, but now Microsoft certification training has updated its policy to make it valid for a lifetime.

Syllabus Outline

Use Azure resources for machine learning (25-30%)

  • Create an Azure machine learning workspace
  • Data in an Azure machine learning workspace
  • Learn to manage experiments in Azure machine learning
  • Control and implement security 
  • Set up Azure machine learning & development environment
  • Set up an Azure data bricks workspace

Learn to run experiments & train model (20-25%)

  • Use Azure machine learning designer to create models 
  • Run model training scripts
  • Obtain metrics from an experiment
  • Tune hyperparameters along with Azure machine learning
  • Utilize automated machine learning 

Operationalize machine learning solutions (35-40%)

  • Deploy a model as a service
  • Manage models in Azure machine learning
  • Create Azure machine learning pipeline for batch inference
  • Implement the pipeline by using Azure machine learning SDK
  • Apply ML ops practices

Implement responsible machine learning (5-10%)

  • Use model explainers in order to interpret models
  • Describe considerations for models
  • Describe privacy for data

Exam Result

The result is displayed immediately after completing the test.


DP-100 is one of the core Microsoft certifications for data scientists that can help you land a key role in the industry. However, as explained in the article, you need to be well-prepared for the test by knowing all the ins and outs of the exam.

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