Peanut butter whiskey is an enticing liquor

The first time it was discovered was in the 1960s when Continental Distilling in Linfield. Pennsylvania launched Peanut Lolita, the idea quickly sank due to the grainy texture of the whiskey (via Washington Post). Many years later, several brands have developed their own versions of the product. Skrewball is one of the most well-known makers of peanut butter whiskey. It was recently named one of the most rapidly growing liquors in America via Forbes. The brand’s sales grew by 1,976% in two years.

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While whiskey made from peanut butter was initially thought to be over powering in taste and texture. Skrewball as well as other brands have developed recipes that appeal to customers and can stand the years of use.

Is there peanut butter in the whiskey made with peanut butter

A lot of liquors have artificial flavors, ranging from blue raspberry vodka to peach Schnapps. Peanut butter whiskey on the other hand is produced by certain brands, using real peanuts. Peanut oil or ingredients that contain some of these, Bartendr shares. Years ago at OB Noodle House Bar 1502, the San Diego. Restaurant of Skrewball co-founder Steve Yeng peanut butter whiskey a menu item in the past it was made by mixing Jameson with peanut butter.

Brittany Yeng (Yeng’s wife and co-founder) explained to National Peanut Board that Steve created the drink because. The peanut butter was his favorite and he would like his patrons to enjoy it. The recipe has become more refined since then, with other brands adapting it to suit a range of preferences. Ole Smoky recipe is made up of a lot of peanut oil. Sheep Dog uses more syrup, and Skatterbrain’s has an even sweeter version (per Bartendr).

What does peanut butter whiskey taste like?

If you expected the flavor of peanut butter whiskey to be like. Well, whiskey and peanut butter You’ll likely be amazed by the taste of peanut butter whiskey. It’s like Baileys, but with a distinct peanut aftertaste. A couple of cooks describe it as being like Baileys. Because of the caramel flavors, vanilla, and coffee flavors. It is more sweet than regular whiskey, however, it’s not overly sugary. If you’re not a big fan of whiskey at all, the good news is peanut butter whiskey might be a good alternative. It actually doesn’t taste much like whiskey or bourbon. It’s more of “drinking an alcoholic peanut butter cup , with the whiskey taste.” Brittany Yeng, Skrewball’s co-founder told the National Peanut Board that there are numerous whiskey drinkers who appreciate the drink. According to her, peanut butter whiskey is a sweeter option than dessert wine.

How much alcohol can be found in peanut butter whiskey

Any whiskey enthusiast will tell you based on the percentage. Of alcohol in the whiskey it isn’t all whiskey technically whiskey. Whisky Magazine explains that in the same manner that Champagne can only be sold under the brand name Champagne. If it’s produced in the Champagne region of France and whiskey that’s priced below 40% ABV cannot be classified as Scotch whisky. At least in accordance with the standards established by the European Union (EU).

Instead, peanut butter whiskey is bottled at a slightly less than 30-35%, which makes the whiskey around 70 proof rather than 80 proof, as is the case with traditional whiskey. Bartendr’s list of most popular peanut butter whiskey brands indicates that it’s unlikely that to find anything higher than 35%. Although some may say its ABV doesn’t make it an authentic whiskey, peanut butter whiskey makes no claims of being Scotch whiskey, and isn’t even made within the EU. Skrewball’s glowing reviews on Total Wine suggest that the drink is delicious regardless of how much alcohol it contains.

How to serve peanut butter whiskey

According to Huffington Post, neat whiskey is the best method to drink whiskey. It’s also common to drink it with a cocktail or with a bit of water to release some of its aromatics and underlying flavors. You could effortlessly do this with whiskey made from peanut butter however, the Skrewball website states that it’s enjoyable in a mixed drink. A dash of peanut butter whiskey can be a great addition for cocktails with chocolate, coffee, and any other drink that you typically mix with Baileys to.

Homebody Eats recommends drinking Skrewball in shot form to get the most flavor with minimal effort. Homebody Eats suggests mixing Skrewball and alcohols such as RumChata or vanilla vodka with caramel liqueur to enhance the flavor of peanut butter and bring out the depth. The website recommends coffee, Coca-Cola and apple cider as mixers that contain just one ingredient.

Where can I find peanut butter whiskey?

The customer reviews on the TripAdvisor page for OB Noodle House Bar 1502 will make you believe that the most effective location to purchase peanut butter whiskey is directly from the bar which the Skrewball version of the drink was created. After all, what could be more perfect than the original recipe of the most well-known brand? If you’re not able to visit a store in San Diego, or you aren’t in the mood to travel there, the peanut butter whiskey can be purchased from any U.S. liquor store. You can also purchase it on line via Total Wine. Total Wine offers the biggest assortment of whiskey made from peanuts.

What are some popular brands of peanut butter whiskey?

Skrewball is a great choice when you’re having difficulty choosing a brand. But, peanut butter whiskey is a well-known spirit in America and you won’t be disappointed if you choose any of these brands. Bartendr states that six of the top peanut butter whiskies are: Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey (Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey), Sqrl Peanut Butter Whiskey (Ole Smoky Peanut Butter Whiskey), Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey and Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey).

You may also give it a go if you are sensitive to peanuts. Hunter and Bligh confirm that Sqrrl Peanut Butter Whiskey and Sheep Dog’s are allergen-free. There’s no reason not test it.


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