5 Things to See in Park Guell Tour

Park Guell is a 19th-century park in Barcelona, Spain. It’s most famous for the house designed by Antoni Gaudí, his disciple Josep Maria Jujol and the formal gardens. The brainchild of Count Eusebio de Güell, Park Guell, is open to the public, and guided tours are offered daily. It’s well worth a visit for the amazing architecture. But there are still plenty of other sights you can see if you don’t want to commit to a full-day Park Guell tour.

The Park Guell Tour gives an overview of Park Guell and its best sites. It includes:

– The tomb of Giuliano del Vasto, Eusebio’s father and original owner of Park Guell.

– Two main attractions: the House and the Garden.

– The entrance to the park.

– The Plaça d’Espanya, was originally a fountain and then a fountain house. Now, it’s a home for sculpture exhibits.

– The spectacular Fountain of Bonaire originally provided water for Eusebio’s summer palace in Barcelona but now provides water for the nearby gardens.

– The main entrance to the park.

– A tour of the formal garden. The parterre contains stone clumps and other interesting objects (such as a fake cactus).

– A visit to the Belvedere chapel, originally part of the church of San Francesc. This is where Pope John Paul II led his last mass as a pope.

– The view from the park, taking in parts of Barcelona. That are difficult to see elsewhere, such as Raval and Poble Nou.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth tour of the park.You can find a few other companies offering guided tours of Park Guell. Here are five things to see around Park Guell that aren’t covered by the standard tour:

1. The Roof

The house’s rooftop is a fun place to visit, even if you’re not interested in seeing the inside. There’s an extensive network of passageways and secret rooms. And you can see both Gaudí’s original plans for the house and Jujol’s altered designs.

The most famous part of this tour is the Cúpola de l’Espíritu Santo. Which looks like a small version of Sagrada Familia on top of Park Guell. This is a popular tourist attraction in Barcelona, but you can’t see it unless you go on a tour.

2. The Garden

The formal garden at Park Guell is lush and beautiful, and it’s easy to get lost exploring its pathways. The diversity of the flowers and plants gives it a feeling of animation. Making this a good place to take photos. The paths are marked for visitors. So you can know where to go next even if you don’t know the area well.

3. Gaudí’s Crypt

Gaudí was originally buried in a crypt beneath the central room of the house, but his body was exhumed. When a famous Japanese architect recognized him in a picture and asked to see his grave. It is now in the Sagrada Familia, where people can visit it for a small fee.

4. The Hanging Gardens of Bonaire

The Hanging Gardens of Bonaire are a fun addition to the formal gardens. The top level is accessible through a door in the central room. And this section is lower than the rest of the garden, so you don’t have to worry about vertigo. Tall trees and exotic plants give this area a jungle-like feeling. It’s an interesting place to take photos!

5. Park Güell Night Market

The Park Güell Night Market is a great way to spend the evening after hitting all major attractions in the morning. This night market near Park Guell has various food and drink vendors, music, and street performers. You can go on a guided tour, but exploring on your own is also fun and trying something new.

Give yourself plenty of time to take in all of the sights at Park Guell, and try to start your tour at one of the city’s main attractions: Barcelona Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia Tickets or Casa Milà.

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