7   Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Book Editor

If you are done writing a book, you will need a book editor who can edit the book for you. Many writers think that they have been writing for a long time. Thus they have the necessary experience when it comes to book writing. However, this is not the case. There are book critics out there whose job is to find mistakes in your book. They will make sure that they find the mistakes in your text wherever they could. So it is better for you to hire an editor. In this article, we will discuss 7 things you have to keep in mind while hiring a book editor.

Check for the book editor’s services

 The book editor is not required to become a contract content writer. They could also be doing other tasks for any company. The company also provides you with perks. For editing services from the company, they might give you re also- designing or marketing solutions. Thus it is not necessary that the book editor should be working in any specified field. As he can work in various other fields.

Make sure that he has experience

An experienced and professionally trained book editor provides far more in the relationship in comparison with any company. Experience and quality work have a price.

The editor does not have any experience operating using the genre in the book. The best editor from the book is probably not the right one. Find an editor with life experience in your market. Make sure that your publisher has worked on projects before. So don’t hire a publisher who is not experienced.

Nothing like experienced and professional editors. A lot of editors may approach writers intended for work early within their occupation. Their training and credentials situation.

Ask for sample edits

A way to determine whether a manager is trustworthy is to look at example edits. An excellent editor wouldn’t immediately say “no.” They’ll probably only modify the first couple of pages of your novel. But this usually gets resolved.

It involves two approaches. You will find out if they are the right book editor for your manuscript.

Some writers would like to push for the provision of free editing services. To be perfectly honest, nobody wants to work for free, and even if they did, their work would probably never be as good or as meticulous as that of a professional editor.

Reading the books they have edited over their careers is another approach to evaluating their performance. If they make you want to keep turning the pages, you’re definitely eager to find the best book editing services team.

Sign a contract

It Is necessary that you sign a contract with the book editor. The contract is there to cover all the legal formalities. This has to be done beforehand. Thus the contract is the way that is going to help you maintain a cordial relationship with the book editor. The contract is normally full of terms and conditions which both parties have to abide by. The failure to abide by the contract would mean that you won’t need the editor to do work for you anymore. So make sure that whenever you are hiring an editor, you should make him sign a contract with you.

Don’t give the editor the copyright 

You should never give the editor the copyright of your manuscript. As he is not deserving of that. The book editor is only hired to make it better. He doesn’t have the right to own it. One other thing is that the editor doesn’t have the right to ask for royalties on the book sales. You will see that no professional editor will ask you for the fees. As this isn’t the right thing to do. After the editor is done editing your book, he will go his way, and you are supposed to go yours. However, if you like his work you can hire him again.

Check for references

This is the best way to check for the book editor’s credibility. You will have to see what type of people are recommending him and his services. These methods are used to gauge the worth of the editor. If he doesn’t have any credible references, then either he is very new in this field or his services are below the mark. Many organizations look for references while hiring their employees. The references can be of someone who is very prominent or someone who is just starting out. So make sure to check for references while hiring any editor. 

Don’t pay him beforehand

Many people make the mistake of paying the book editor in the beginning of their task. This isn’t the best thing to do. This is because you might pay him for the work that he hasn’t done. If he misses out on any task that you asked him to do that means that he might have already taken the money. He might not return the money to you. So it is better that you pay him after he is done with your work. So that you wouldn’t have to pay him more money. Make sure that you introduce this clause in the contract as well.


When people are done with their book, they need to go look for a book editor. This process is very stressful, and a lot of people want to avoid this step. However, this is a necessity, and you have to hire a book editor who can edit the book for you. Once you hire an editor, there is another task on the hand that many people don’t want to address. You need your book to be edited and proofread thoroughly before you can get it published. So it is necessary to hire an editor that can get the job done. So in this article we have given a few suggestions on how you can hire the right type of editor for your book. So that the book editor that you hire doesn’t end up giving you a headache.

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