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8 golden moving tips to move smoothly.

Nice, a new house or room. Good excuse to do things differently and redecorate your room. Browse for the best furniture and accessories. Unfortunately, this also involves physical work, which is less fun. We give moving tips to make it go a little smoother and less painful. So very handy!

Please note: These moving tips mainly apply to larger removals, for example, when you have taken the big step to rent/buy an apartment! Or maybe you are already moving in together.

1. Save your friends for later

Of course, it’s nice that your parents, family, and friends want to help you with the heavy lifting. But you’d better save their help for when you really need it. Hire movers to move the boxes and furniture. In the meantime, have a nice lunch yourself and, when you return, unpack the boxes with your family. That’s much more fun for them too. This also saves you from unpacking work.

2. Move the Most Valuable Things Yourself

Grab two boxes of your most precious and expensive possessions and move them yourself. This way, you know for sure that those things will survive the move.

3. Label each box

Write on each box the room it needs to go to and what’s in it. This way, the movers know where everything has to go, and you know what’s in it.

4. Pack as if you were going away for a weekend

Pack all your belongings in boxes and bags, and prepare yourself a suitcase with a toiletry bag. Pack it like you’re going away for a weekend. Your house will be a mess for a while. So you have everything you need at hand.

5. Keep the Important Close

Write on the most important boxes: ‘Unpack first.’ Such as cleaning supplies, paper, towels, plates and cutlery, water bottle and everything else you would need right away in your new home.

Remember that everyone should be able to wash and dry their hands, eat, shower, etc. Also, pack sweets, snacks, energy bars, and drinks in chilled packaging boxes. Take into account low sugar levels on the moving day! This is a good way to avoid ‘bad moods.’

6. Consider in advance where you will put everything

Even if the interior can still change, plan in advance where everything will be placed. You can then immediately indicate to the movers where everything will be placed. This way, you no longer have to put all the heavy furniture in place yourself.

7. Make your bed

Make your bed first so that no matter what, you can go to sleep whenever you want.

8. Unpack one room at a time

Try to focus on one room at a time. So that if it all gets too much, you can go to an unpacked room to recover.

What to expect from professional movers?

  • Professionals expect your home to be organized before they arrive. Professional movers specialize in efficiently and safely moving everything from one home to another.
  • Good Ideas include: Group all small items in boxes (books, dishes, etc.) Mark fragile products. Remove old stuff in advance. Label boxes with the new location.
  • Professionals organize the move in such a way that unpacking becomes easy. Good movers are methodical. They pack and move room by room.
  • Professionals know how to disassemble furniture quickly, maneuver quickly and safely to remove it from home, secure it safely in the truck and efficiently reassemble it in the new home.
  • Furniture breaks when it can move in the truck. Professional movers ensure efficient and safe stacking of all your belongings in the truck. They use blankets and special ribbons to secure everything so that in the event of an emergency, all your belongings remain intact.
  • Professionals are partly insured for any damage to your belongings. Please ask in advance. If you would like 100% covering insurance, this is possible for a small additional cost. We always recommend this.
  • Professionals can make an inventory for you of your stuff at your request. This is certainly necessary for large and complex relocations.

So those were our suggestions for moving efficiently. To read more helpful blogs, go here.


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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