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9 Exterior House Parts That Require Regular Pressure Washing

In simple words, pressure washing is a process of applying water with extremely high pressure through a high-powered water jet to the outer part of your building for cleaning purposes. It removes dust, grime, mud, moss, algae, and other debris like losing paint. 

It just not only cleans the surfaces of your building parts but also doffs any dropping layers that could cause issues in applying new paints or other applications. It is highly effective in breaking up slime deep-set on the walls, roof, pavements, and other outer parts of a building.

Pressure Washing Is Must —  Benefits

A full-scale and regular pressure washing retains numerous benefits for your house and for its residents. It protects your house from cracks and timely damages. Through pressure washing, you can maintain the exterior appearance of your house. 

The right selection of water nozzles, pressure intensities, and water temperature depends upon the surface and the attached trash on it and is essential for efficient cleansing. Moreover, it provides you with various long-lasting health and financial benefits.

The Perfect Pressure Works, LLC provides customized cleaning services based on your unique demands, including pressurized water stimulation, different water temperatures, and tested cleaning agents to provide clean, dust-free outcomes at affordable prices.

Here are the exterior house parts which should not be ignored while pressure washing:

Patios Tile

Patios are one of the Many parts of a house that require pressure washing.

Pressure cleaning is necessary as it helps to remove pests, dust, and dirt, and prevents the growth of plants. It also exposes the original looks of the tiles. Pressure washing also puts off crude, grime, and debris from the surface. It prevents patios from being damaged and makes them pull through for longer. This makes the process a cost-effective one.

Pressure cleaning can be done by first putting detergent and then using a pressure spray to rinse it off. This has to be done carefully and specifically, i.e. the pressure spray should be directed towards the tiles and moved back and forth. It is preferable to start at the opposite side of where the water drains.

Outdoor Equipment and Furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to excessive dust, dirt, and germs. It needs thorough cleaning regularly. This can also be done by pressure washing.

It helps prevent the growth and retention of various microbes and alga. These organisms not only create an environment with poor hygiene but also expose the furniture to irreversible damage. It removes the dust and dirt embedded within the furniture.

It is preferable to use a fine nozzle spray instead of a jet nozzle as they are much more powerful and tend to damage the furniture even at low settings. Primarily, you can start by washing with washing liquid and water if there is slight dirt to remove. However, to remove tough stains, molds, and mildews, a solution of bleach and water or vinegar and water can be used.

Entrance Stairs & Walkways

Entrance stairs and walkways, particularly paved ones are prone to damage and wear out. They are at risk of shifting and being dislodged. These problems dominate if the walkways and stairs are not regularly washed.

Pressure washing removes dirt and organic debris from the exterior, consequently increasing their expectancy. Exterior surfaces easily catch up and retain substances like pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants that we might take into our houses whilst walking past these surfaces. Pressure washing is one way to get rid of this buildup.

If the walkways are primarily concrete, then it is preferable to first use a degreaser, and then with the nozzle spray clean it by standing at a distance of about 12’’ while moving the spray up and down. Standing too close to the surface can cause damage. Detergent or washing liquid mixed with water is also an option.

Home Siding

Unclean home sidings can give rise to bacteria and molds, which as a result attract insects, these tend to make their homes within the sidings and may also make their way inside the houses.

This shows that pressure washing home siding is equally important as any other part of the house.

To clean home sidings, 15-degree nozzles are said to be the best. Standing at a distance of about 3 to 4 feet while constantly moving the nozzle up and down to prevent damage is the best way to power wash home sidings or any other surface.


You must wash the roof of your house twice a year. The shingles are prone to damage by dirt and dust, bacteria, mold, and mildew. These may cause them to be severely damaged, marred, and displaced.

Pressure washing the roof twice a year is a way to prevent the formerly discussed problems.

Pressure washing the roof usually requires a 35-degree nozzle. You should different way of cleaning the sections by using the biodegradable solution, coming from top to bottom in a side-to-side sweep. In addition to that, you need to be careful that you aim the nozzle somewhat downward as aiming upwards might remove the shingles.


Gutters, being indispensable when it comes to heavy rainfall, require extensive care and cleaning.

Pressure washing gutters helps dirt, debris, leaves, molds, mildews, bacteria, alga, and all other sorts of microbial growth keep off. This also prevents invasion by bugs, insects, and particularly mosquitoes. The weight of accumulated substances may even create sag or break the gutter.

Starting from the downspouts and then to the drainage, pressure washing of gutters should be done using a nozzle fitted with a telescoping wand to reach the pipes with ease. It is better to have safety glasses on, as the debris and water may fall off and get in contact with your eyes.


Pressure cleaning of decks brings along efficient clearing and removal of any pollutants or debris.

It prolongs the life of wood and boosts your home’s value. It prevents permanent damage, staining, and microbial buildup.

It is preferable to pressure wash decks once a year.

Clean the deck using a nozzle spray in a sweeping manner, keeping the nozzle spray at a distance to not damage the deck. A deck cleaning solution should be used for the perfect wash.


Pressure washing removes dirt, and pollutants and prepares the wood for a new coat of finish.

Cleaning the deck makes it sustainable and increases its expectancy. It also makes the fence gleam as a new one.

To start, let the detergent sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with the nozzle spray. It is essential to maintain a distance while using the nozzle spray.

Stone Stairs

Pressure washing is efficient in removing debris along with all the other unappealing elements formerly discussed.

It also gives them glam and a new look.

It is recommended to first treat the stairs with a degreaser or concrete cleaner, after which they can be rinsed off by pressure washing.


The above discussion manifests the importance of pressure cleaning.

It cleans and freshens up the house and its environment. In addition to that, it gives everything a gleam and a new look.

The Perfect Pressure Works, LLC takes care of your exterior cleaning needs because they offer the best pressure washing services in town. This company deals in extensive cleaning of buildings, driveways, roofs, gutter, patio, decks, and more.


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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