Affordable Book Promotion Services on The Budget

Book promotion is a marketing activity for promoting a book among the target audience. It is the final stage of marketing a book after getting done with writing, editing, proofreading, publishing, and launching.

Many authors launch their books by themselves. They take all the credits and rewards. Every author has a desire of getting their book published and making it the best-selling in the world. To transform their dreams into a practical reality, they must have to promote their book to customers. They must hire a publication company to shape their draft into an attractive design book.

After a book is published. It needs marketing and promotion to increase its reach to mass readers. The publishing company distributes a book to various bookstores and libraries in the city. It also creates more copies of a book to deliver to literary exhibitions where people can buy this book for reading. Book reading is still an interesting habit among readers. It is a pastime activity for many people who are fond of reading a book before sleep.

Many a time, it happens that dozens of book copies are there in a store and nobody is here to buy them. People do not purchase your book until you market it properly. Your book should have a captivating front page cover design to attract and compel people to buy. Authors do not afford to arrange a press media meeting to launch a book publicly. Due to these limitations, authors do not find buyers to purchase their books.

Here are a few affordable and budget-friendly book promotion techniques for authors:

Using a Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is the oldest and most recommended practice for traditional marketing. It uses verbal communication techniques to communicate with your close fellows and convince them to buy a book.

You can also have feedback response from your family and friends to make further improvements and enhancements to your book content. This technique is absolutely free of cost and does not charge you money.

Send Free Give Aways

Sending gifts to each other is a good traditional activity. A book can be an awesome gift for anyone. It develops a feeling of love and harmony among your near and dear ones. You can send free giveaways of books to promote them among the audience. It can be any small or big occasion where you send a book to someone. It gradually builds awareness in people about your book and increases its level of fame and popularity among customers.

Setup a Book Stall

People can set up a bookstall for better-earning sources. They can fetch a wooden table and spread a colorful sheet on it. They can arrange books on the table and start selling these books to buyers. This will increase their earnings and also promote their books among readers. People are fond of reading books and they will happily get your book for free. For people who have a good investment, they can arrange a book exhibition and sell their books to the masses.

Create a website

A website is an excellent way for affordable book promotion services. It is a fabulous idea of marketing your book to a wide array of customers. You can become a solo author and write about your book to describe its chapters to readers. Moreover, you can also attract customers with your new offers that are soon to be launched in the market. They can also showcase their new book releases to customers and receive reviews on their books.

Add a social media Page

Social media is an influential and promotional medium for brands and products. A book is your brand so you can create a book profile page on multiple platforms. You can create a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are powerful mediums to spread the word about your books and create a solid brand engagement among customers. They show their keen and passionate interest to buy your book and read it thoroughly. Apart from social media, they can also use SEO writing services to promote their books.

Create a Book Video Trailer

A book video trailer is an exciting trend prevailing among authors worldwide. Many global authors follow this trend to promote their books and increase their sales among customers. You can create a video trailer on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Meta Cafe. It shows the dynamic and vibrant appeal of your book with a colorful intro. Book lovers will watch your book promo teaser and will anxiously wait for purchasing it.  

Pitch an Email Newsletter

Emails are effective ways of marketing and promotion. Companies use this medium effectively to advertise their brands and build stronger communication with customers. You can also utilize an email marketing newsletter to promote your book online. It is a budget-friendly and cost-effective technique to interact with clients and provide them with surprise giveaways.

Create an eBook

eBooks are electronic books. They are a digital version of a physical book and help improve the value of your books incredibly. You can easily transform your traditional paper print book into a digital format and submit it to Amazon Kindle. It is an excellent platform and online book marketplace. You can include your book on Amazon Kindle and allow readers to go through free sample chapters for an introduction. It develops an interest in readers to read the entire book.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are reasonable and cost-effective book promotion services for writers. Every writer must follow these successful tactics to market their books without investing money or spending a single penny. These promotional book ideas are ideal and favorable for new writers who are desirous of writing and publishing their books for earning.


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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