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Are Rimless Toilets Worth the Hype?

Toilets are among one the most used utility in the bathroom. Therefore, it should be comfortable to use. The great thing is that the toilets have gone through enormous changes in the last few decades. As a result, we have highly functional toilets that look and work great at the same time. Among all such innovations, there is an innovation that is known as “ Rimless Toilets ” However, these have been available in the UK for quite some time. But homeowners don’t have and whether they should prefer it or not.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what it’s all about.

What are the Rimless Toilets?

A rimless toilet, in simple words, is a toilet without traditional rims. When you observe a standard toilet bowl, you will notice that its all-around corner is curved into making the rims. Almost all toilets, regardless of their types, had them in the past.

What Was the Use of Rims in Toilets?

You may have a question in mind why did actually all the toilets have the rims in the past? It was definitely not without a purpose. The rims had small openings called rims jet through which water flows. There is a connection between the rim jets and flush tanks. So, whenever you activate the flush, the water goes out with pressure from these small openings pushing the waste to the drain. These jets are angled to create circular motion with the flow.

Why There Was a Need to Remove from The Toilet?

The rim of the toilets makes it difficult to clean the toilet bowl. The rims and rim jets are hard to reach, which often result in mineral buildups over time. Since most such areas are hard to reach, there is no easy way to clean them or even know something is building up inside. Therefore, bathroom manufacturers decided to remove it. When there is no rim and no hard-to-reach areas, the toilet will not get any dirt or deposit of minerals.

How Rimless Toilet Flush the Water?

So, if the rims are removed, then how can the flushing work in without the rims? Rimless toilets actually flush water in different ways. That means the way water enters the bowl has changed. There are rear-mounted valves inside the toilet bowl that, when activated, through the water horizontally from all sides. There are no gaps for the waste to get into or stick within these valves. As a result, every time you flush, the water remains clean as it should be.

Other Features of Rimless Toilets

In addition to hygiene, you can expect a few other advantages by installing a rimless toilet.

  • The first and most important benefit of a rimless toilet is hygiene. That is why such toilets are designed. The easier cleaning makes it possible for you to easily access the hard-to-reach areas, making them perfect for hygiene purposes.
  • Another reason why people prefer a toilet without rims is that these can be a great help for easier to clean choices. The easy access to all areas and no hidden areas means there is no need to spend a lot of time in cleaning the toilet. No, it will accumulate any dirt making it difficult to keep clean.
  • Most of these toilets have highly efficient and powerful flush systems. That means you can get rid of the waste quickly and easily. That will require you to flush relatively fewer times requiring less water, which will result in lower water bills over time.

If you are planning to install a rimless toilet, there is a bit of advice that some people experience splashes while flushing the toilet. It is due to that the entire flushing system is completely changed, making it throw water from inside towards outer sides. However, it is also due to the setting in the flush tank. You will need to adjust the settings to remove this problem.

Different Types of Rimless Toilet Options

There are the following types of different rimless toilet options available in the market.

  1. Rimless Close Coupled Toilets. If you are looking for a standard close coupled toilet in the rimless variation, then these are available in the market. It is one of the most popular toilet types preferred by most people in the UK.
  2. Rimless Back to Wall Toilets. If you want a tidier look in the bathroom but still want a highly attractive toilet, then a back to wall toilet can be your option. As both toilet bowl and cistern are sold separately, you will have to ask for a rimless toilet pan when ordering.
  3. Rimless Wall Hung Toilets. A floating style wall hung toilet with a rimless toilet pan is a popular choice for a luxurious looking bathroom. These fit on the wall with a cistern inside it, offering a contemporary look.

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