Audio Technica ATH-GDL3 gaming headset review: Open-world gaming

Audio Technica Video games don’t just have to be about nailing sick noscopes. It’s also about telling stories in a way that’s truly original for the medium. Gaming fans expect amazing single-player adventures that allow them to immerse themselves in the world. Music is an important part of any game’s soundtrack.

audiotechnica open ear headphones gaming headsets are designed to deliver immersive audio. They provide a clear, crisp reproduction of every note in a beautiful soundstage.

Perfect packaging

Before we go into the performance and design of the ATH–GDL3, I want you to notice the packaging. It’s beautiful, thanks to Japanese-inspired artwork wrapping around the box right and onto its back. All other packaging except for the plastic cord bags is made from cardboard or paper. Audio-Technica did a fantastic job in sustainable packaging. I don’t think it will be easy to toss the box, however, it is so beautiful to look at.

It is clean and light

Although the box artwork doesn’t extend onto the headphones, it’s still beautiful. The “white” model was the one we received to review. It is simple and has only three colors: white, silver, and black. These would look great on a desk or in a PC setup that is influenced by the white aesthetic. However, they can also be paired with the PlayStation 5

The white parts of the headphones are made out of plastic. The black headband is made of silicone-like material and the silver feels almost like aluminum. The headphones have a black grille covering the exposed backs. The included 3.5mm 3.5mm headset jack cable measures 1.2m (about 4ft) and feels very high quality. Audio-Technica also includes an additional 3-meter cable (just under 10 feet) for computers that has a dual, 3.5mm split design.

Constructed for comfort

The ATH -GDL3 headphones are light and comfortable. The headphones feel extremely lightweight and I had no issues with them. The padding in the earcups feels very comfortable. The headband is quite soft and lays comfortably on top of my head.

Audio-Technica’s earcup material was not my favorite, but it did have an impact on how comfortable I could wear them for long periods of time.

I prefer leather-like earphones cups over fabric because they feel more comfortable on my head. Audio-Technica decided to use a fabric earcup. The result was that the ATH-GDL3 felt warm on my head despite its open-back design. The limit I was able to wear these cans was three hours.

While I know this might not be the preferred choice for everyone, a few friends prefer the fabric-lined earcups to their headphones. Audio-Technica doesn’t offer another cup option, and it’s not very clear to me how you can swap them out if it’s a different material. This is something to be aware of.

Excellent audio experience for both sides

Open-back headphones typically trade a deep bass for a wide soundstage and clarity. The ATH – GDL3 is an example of this. These headphones allow you to enjoy all the music, and even hear every detail of a videogame world with amazing accuracy. These headphones are great for listening to traditional music as well as game scores.

Our take

audiotechnica open ear headphones ATH-GDL3 closed-back headphones are for gamers who appreciate clear and crisp music. While some may find the sound quality too harsh, I enjoyed how accurate they rendered sound. It was especially helpful when playing first-person competitive shooters in which I must hear every cue in order for me to react to changing terrain.

These headphones are truly amazing for $129. These headphones are fantastic for music, and even gaming.

They will last for how long?

Audio-Technica provides a two-year limited warranty. But, the ATH-GDL3 is very reliable. The chances of them working for the first year are high because they have a simple design with well-made components.

Are they worth it?

Yes. The ATH -GDL3 is extremely clear and accurate across the lows and mids. They are lightweight and simple.


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