Buy Original Kajal at the Lowest Price from these 7 Stores in Pakistan

Kajal has always been fundamental to Pakistani beauty, whether it’s the defined lips and kohl-rimmed eyes of the 1930s, the bouffant and dramatic cat eye flicks of the 1960s, the colored eyeshadow and underline of the 1990s, or the edgier, smudgy forms that are prevalent now.

Women tend to buy more of waterproof makeup for their feasibility. And now a days waterproof kajal in Pakistan are more in trend. With numerous Kajal Pencil brands with affordable price, the sales and demands have also increased. Today we’ll be telling you about original Kajal to buy form online stores in Pakistan. 

The Makeup Planet

We’ll start the list with makeup Planet, this online store is very well organized specially for the makeup lovers. They provide authentic items from the most popular cosmetic brands at prices that no one else can match! The website is user friendly, designed for you to order form over 50 brands. Even if you have difficulty reaching them out, contact their team via WhatsApp number for responsive replies.  

Just 4 Girls 

Just4Girls is Pakistan’s leading internet shop. It is your one-stop shop for all of your cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, and accessories. Since its inception five years ago, Just4Girls. has evolved to become the top national online shop, delivering all of your favorite cosmetic goods in one convenient location.

Thousands of your favorite beauty products, from budget-friendly to well-known luxury brands, are available in all categories and price ranges. They are dedicated to giving the best possible client service.


Saloni Health and Beauty Supply is a full-service store and distributor of professional salon products and accessories that serves all of Pakistan, from large cities to tiny towns and villages. Their objective is to give customers, companies, salons, and stylists with relevant information, outstanding products, good customer service, and brilliant specialists that can help them succeed and look their best.


Coswin is a well-known name in the makeup industry that has the mission of enhancing women’s natural beauty by offering high quality and luxurious products. the online store values their customers satisfaction so that they come back for more after each purchase. 


If you have been looking for waterproof mascara in Pakistan online, cozmetica is the best place to visit. Cozmetica is dedicated to being Pakistan’s best online beauty buying site and to leading the market in the next years.

Cozmetica’s mission is to provide an unrivalled beauty shopping experience while also inspiring and respecting originality in our community. Cozmetica invites customers to experience the universe of beauty and health with an entirely unbiased and impartial approach thanks to their continuing knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Once you visit their website there are multiple Kajal pencil brands with affordable price


Lipcara was founded in 2019 and has quickly established itself as a market leader, offering a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs, including top high-end brands. Thanks to the devoted team behind the screens, the website has the ability to display over 1000 items from diverse companies from all over the world. 

Beauty Hooked 

Beauty Hooked is your one-stop shop for all things beauty and shopping, with free access to high-quality items and professional guidance. They recognize that no two people are alike, therefore they collaborate with beauty experts and product businesses to provide you with the greatest and most individualized beauty advice, tips, tactics, and products that will be gamechangers for you and only you.

When it comes to beauty products Kajal is one of the most favorite things that is used by women all over Pakistan. Waterproof Kajal in Pakistan are its much-improved version that is also one of the most demanding items. Cozmetica is the most reliable online brands in Pakistan that has the best of the quality brands around the world. All sorts of Kajal pencil brands with affordable prices are available at Cozmetica. Do visit their website to order your favorite items.


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