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Create enjoyable family memories in Escape Rooms 

In today’s modern world, the concept of family time has almost disappeared. More and more people have nuclear families now, and the time they can afford to spend with their family has also become less. Besides important family events, no one bothers to hang out together and have fun. So, why not change things up this year? Instead of only spending time during special occasions, book an escape room near you to create beautiful family memories in an escape room. 

If you keep up with pop culture, the buzz around escape rooms would not be unfamiliar. Escape rooms are essentially live-action escape situation games. The main goal is to escape a locked room with your teammates within a stipulated time limit. 

Although escape games were conceptualized and introduced to the public in the early 20s, they only found mainstream popularity in the last decade—escape rooms like Mystery room Bangalore, Wild Goose Escape rooms, The Room Berlin, etc. Offer a unique experience of live-action escape games. 

Now you must be wondering why escape rooms should be on your list of places to visit with your family, correct? What indeed are these escape games? 

Escape rooms, also known as puzzle rooms, provide a live-action escape room situation. The inspiration for escape games comes from LARPing (remember Dungeons and Dragons? yeah) and the “point and click” escape game genre of video games. The players will form a team and participate in the game. They will voluntarily enter a locked room (the game room doesn’t necessarily have to be a single room) and solve certain puzzles to get the door code or key.  

All the escape rooms have themes like murder mystery, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and more. After the game master introduces the game scenario and the rules related to the game, you must get down to business. You will find the clues scattered inside the room. You must explore the room to solve the puzzles. The room set up will be according to your chosen theme. Other than the primary goal of escaping the room, you may also have to complete tasks aligning with the room theme. 

The mission is to escape the locked room within a stipulated time limit. Usually, the time limit is 60 minutes; however, those modifications rely upon the game. Additionally, in certain situations (based on the theme), you will have to free yourself from restraints or break out at each step of the game. 

Escape games are a good choice for both corporate events and family events. This is because escape games are such versatile games. Most of the themes are appropriate for all ages, and the number of team members can vary from 2-12. This is perfect for any family get-together. There are specific tips you can remember when visiting an escape game. 

Find a game perfect for your family 

First, you need to choose a game that interests everyone in your family. The game will be enjoyable if the game is ideal for all ages and suits the taste of your family members. There will be several different themes available in the escape rooms near you, so you can choose the one everyone likes the best. Usually, murder mysteries and fantasy themes are selected by families. 

Cooperate with your family members 

Escape room games demand cooperation and communication. This is the crux of the game. Finding clues together will undoubtedly bring everyone closer. Spread out and look for clues inside the escape room. Communicate and coordinate with your family to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Don’t shy away from voicing your opinion.   

Share information so that if you miss out on something, maybe someone else from your family might help you out. Also, don’t forget to keep track of time. You must all get together and use your creative and cognitive skills to break out of the room. A family that breaks out of an escape room together stays together. 

Remember to have fun 

Lastly, do not forget to have fun. The reason for the family outing is to create beautiful memories and to have fun as a family. It does not matter whether you bring something to the table or not. It will be a memorable day for everyone as long as you participate and enjoy your time inside the escape room. It will be a special day for everyone. 


Games are meant to be entertaining so everyone can enjoy their time together. Escape rooms allow people to get together and bond inside a locked room. The adrenaline rush and the team activity will bring everyone close together. The thrill, as well as the excitement of a live escape situation, are just what you need for your next family outing.  

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