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Beauty is the illumination of one’s soul. You are beautiful. At KA-RAS extension we ensure you look your absolute best with a pinch of amazement. Your face is the first thing a person notices and your hands are the direct expression of your body language. We take care of both of them and ensure you are the center of attraction at any event. In this blog, we will discuss the kind of clientele who visits the most prestigious eyelash salon in Gurgaon.

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Indian wedding is a long-term events. It’s a celebration that lasts for at least a month and includes rehearsals, pre-wedding picture shoots, and other events. Most brides have their extensions well in advance of the wedding in order to appear their best throughout the entire event. The well-wishers and the closest friends of the bride will definitely suggest eyelash extensions well in advance and will recommend a spare set just in case.

Beauty Positive Teenagers

Opulent teenagers who are educated, and perhaps even supporting themselves are the next demographic interested in lash extensions. This demography is a fan of colored lashes and any experimental eyelashes which will make them stand out in the crowd.

Fashion Forward Crowd

Fashion Forward Crowd

People who are already engaged in beauty make up the first significant group for eyelash extensions. These people crave to be just one step ahead of the rest. This type of demography regardless of the age will try novelty extensions if it means to become a cynosure in any event.

Young Mothers

Even though they are not widely used, young mothers want eyelash extensions since my postpartum depression made them feel depressed. Surprisingly they account for the majority of the people opting for eyelash extensions. They desire to look better than they do at that same moment in order to boost their spirits. Eyelash extensions can work a lot of magic because you are aware that the period following birth is difficult on the physical body. Eyelash salons in Gurgaon witness the ages of 18 and 45 as the prime demography.

Women over 50

Older age of women often experiences a loss of their long, full lashes. They make up just 5% of all clients, as the data indicate. Due to the fact that it wasn’t as popular when they were younger, they aren’t quite convinced. Hence they account for the lower chunk of the population.

Makeover Crowd

Following are potential customers that desire a makeover. This crowd stays true to only fashion and styles which they enjoy. Men and women of any age may fall under this category.



Models are the second-largest demographic of consumers who frequently purchase celebrity impersonators. Supermodels of the highest tier don’t live a single day without their extensions. Mostly because it’s rare for models and supermodels to get their extensions done in the last minute since extension artists are sparsely used at the shows. Models are expected to get their extensions done before every show.


In contrast to superstars who are constantly styled before appearing on screen, beauty influencers spend the majority of their day with their fans. This particular set of eyelash demography favors dramatic looks when they’re proud of their procedures and natural looks when they wish to attract their followers without disclosing the secret. KA-RAS extensions have noticed that influencers are highly informed about the procedures they want to perform.



Those who are involved in the beauty industry, such as celebrities, are the next group that is undoubtedly treated with extensions. These are the people that require permanent eyelashes for daily life. They are no longer concerned about their appearance because they already have permanent lashes on their eyes.


Males are included in the final demographic category. Any man, regardless of their orientation, may choose to get false lashes to improve their appearance. This may include actors, models, and other males who are interested in beauty from a contemporary perspective. The majority of these are guys between the ages of 18 and 40. Some of them have medical conditions and have thin eyelashes.

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If you are looking for the best eyelash salon in Gurgaon then what better brand than KA-RAS extensions? The experts interact with you and analyze your skin type in order to secret the best extension for you. The compliments you receive are our success stories. Do not hesitate to visit us or call us for a free consult and pave the path to a better you.

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