Different Types of Cases Handled by Family Lawyers in Newburyport

Family law attorneys primarily deal with divorces. They also represent clients in adoption, paternity, and custody cases. A family lawyer is usually a licensed attorney that provides legal services in these areas to individuals and families. The best way to find the right family law attorney for your case is by asking friends or colleagues.

Sometimes, it is good to let an expert handle your family law issues. Most cases have different details to consider, which means you would need someone who is familiar and experienced with handling such situations. More often than not, family lawyers are experts when it comes to family law matters, so they do the best job and provide their clients with the best results. These lawyers also know how to deal with certain legal processes that might pertain to your case.

In fact, Newburyport family law attorneys handle divorce cases, custody cases, adoption, and other family law issues. The lawyers within this field specialize in these areas, which means they may know how to handle certain family legal matters better than other lawyers.

We will now see into different types of cases handled by family lawyers in Newburyport.

  1. Divorce

When talking about family law, we cannot fail to mention divorce. Divorce is the end of a marriage brought about by a specific formal process. However, not all cases that begin with filing for divorce end in divorce. In some instances, couples might reach a settlement that can reestablish their marriage and put it back on the right track. 

During divorce cases, the family lawyer responsible for your case is expected to help you in the following:

-Draft a valid separation agreement

-Find the best way to deal with the division of assets and debts after divorce

-Assist you in getting custody of your children

-Negotiate terms for child support, including any spousal or partner support that might apply

  1. Child custody

Child custody refers to the legal authority that parents have over their children in terms of the time spent with them and when they will visit them. These custody issues are usually handled by family lawyers since they hold knowledge of child development, child custody laws, and other related areas.

  1. Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a big issue that affects families greatly. When this term is brought up, the immediate thought is usually about how to protect the children of a family from the abuser and the wife from the perpetrator. Domestic violence can take many forms, including verbal abuse, physical abuse, and many more. Family lawyers help process this as well as other cases that might be related to domestic violence.

  1. Adoption

Adoption is the legal process of making one person the new parent of another child or children. Family lawyers help parents, social workers, and adoption agencies in this process by providing legal advice on how to best go about it.

  1. Property division

Family lawyers are involved in property division cases and other types of civil cases. They work with clients who have joint accounts, bank accounts, or any other type of property. Your family lawyer will ensure that you get a fair share of assets.

  1. Alimony

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is an order by a court to provide financial support to the spouse while they are still married or after they have gotten divorced. In most cases, alimony will be awarded to a wife who has stayed at home and taken care of the household while the husband has been the one working in order to pay the bills and maintain their lifestyle. Alimony might be given for a definite period of time or indefinitely.

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