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To take the Cisco 350-401 exam, you should prepare yourself thoroughly. An excellent way to prepare is to take Examsbrite new exam questions or practice exams. 350-401 exam questions can eliminate the doubts that you might have about the exam. Then you can use the exam questions to prepare for the actual exam.

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) exam is a critical certification to ensure you are up to date on enterprise network technologies. It is designed to ensure you understand enterprise network technologies, including virtualization, infrastructure, security, and automation. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience with these technologies and is looking to further their career. The questions in Cisco 350-401 exam are written by highly skilled IT experts with a thorough knowledge of the topic.

You should be aware that each exam has different requirements. So, if you plan to take a certification exam, ensure you’ve read all the prerequisites before starting to study. It will help you avoid studying for an exam you can’t take or passing an exam that won’t grant you certification. Therefore, You can find many free exam materials on

350-401 exam questions

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies exam will test your knowledge on various subjects, from superload planning to virtualization to security and robotization. Although Cisco may require a certain experience level, you can still pass the exam with less experience. The 350-401 test is a comprehensive exam designed to test the core enterprise networking technologies. It is closely related to four Cisco certifications. Cisco 350-401 exam questions will help you prepare for the exam and will allow you to assess your preparation level.

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401 exam Question and Answers

Questions 1

What is the structure of a JSON web token?


A.  three parts separated by dots: header payload, and signature

B.  header and payload

C.  three parts separated by dots: version header and signature

D.  payload and signature

Answer:- A

Questions 2

Refer to the exhibit. Which result does the python code achieve?


A.  The code encrypts a base64 decrypted password.

B.  The code converts time to the “year/month/day” time format.

C.  The code converts time to the yyyymmdd representation.

D.  The code converts time to the Epoch LINUX time format.

Answer:- B

Questions 3

What is the function of a control-plane node In a Cisco SD-Access solution?


A.  to run a mapping system that manages endpoint to network device relationships

B.  to implement policies and communicate with networks outside the fabric

C.  to connect external Layer 3 networks to the SD-Access fabric

D.  to connect APs and wireless endpoints to the SD-Access fabric

Answer:- A

Questions 4

What is the difference between a RIB and a FIB?


A.  The RIB is used to make IP source prefix-based switching decisions

B.  The FIB is where all IP routing information is stored

C.  The RIB maintains a mirror image of the FIB

D.  The FIB is populated based on RIB content

Answer:- D

Questions 5

What is provided by the Stealthwatch component of the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense solution?


A.  real-time threat management to stop DDoS attacks to the core and access networks

B.  real-time awareness of users, devices and traffic on the network

C.  malware control

D.  dynamic threat control for web traffic

Answer:- B

Questions 6

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has configured an IP SLA for UDP echo’s. Which command is needed to start the IP SLA to test every 30 seconds and continue until stopped?


A.  ip sla schedule 100 start-time now life forever

B.  ip sla schedule 30 start-time now life forever

C.  ip sla schedule 100 start-time now life 30

D.  ip sla schedule 100 life forever

Answer:- A

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