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Have you ever questioned yourself why you dress up in a certain way when you go out for work in an office and why it’s completely different from when you’re hanging around? You cannot go to your office in your casual designer outfit until you want to be the gossip topic in your workplace but why is it so? No worries! We are here to give answers to all the “Why’s” and What is the difference between formal and casual outfits. What’s more? Also, Some styling tips to slay your formal wear and casual wear, so keep reading on!


You wear a different outfit when you go out for a party, and again a different outfit when you attend a wedding. This is because every occasion has its own dress code. and Formal and Casual wear are two of them, that are completely different from each other. When you go to a ceremonial event or a function or even to your office, you emphasize more formality and elegance, But you cannot layover with your formals all day, you need something comfortable and easy-going that you can rely upon every day so that’s casual wear outfit that you can wear for a get-together with friends, or even for a grocery shopping.

Let’s discuss more of its insights so that you can slay the look whenever you wear it.


Imagine that you saw a mannequin wearing a shirt in a mall, and you plan to pair it with your cigarette pant for the next day in your office, Though you like the shirt which has a lot of details like one shoulder sleeve and cut-out at the back, yet it didn’t appear to be proper for your office look. Why is it so? It’s all because of the silhouette which plays a major role in your fashion decision. Silhouette in Formal wear should be neat and edgy, it should be tailored so that it fits you perfectly.

When it comes to casual wear, there is no hard-and-fast rule, the utmost important thing is comfort here. You can wear anything if it is easily manageable and allows the movement of your body freely with comfort. and that’s the reason why we wear T-shirts, loose pants, dresses and so on as opposed to something that is fitted and structured.


Believe it or not, Every designer dress code has its own set of fabric guidelines. This is because each fabric has its own unique properties that make them suitable for various events. Fabric is the most important component in an outfit. It doesn’t matter how amazing the design of an outfit looks, It would not do justice to the design if it is made with the wrong fabric.

Formal wear fabrics are mostly tightly woven and rigid so that it gives a structure and crispness such as Gabardine, Corduroy, and so on. For shirts, Cotton and Polyester blends are more preferred such as Poplin

On the contrary, Casual wear fabrics are mostly light, stretchy, or knitted which are comparatively loose and stretchy than the woven fabrics that allow free movement of the body like a plain knitted t-shirt and lycra pants.


Fine clothing is an investment, therefore, we must take good care of our outfits. Depending on the fabric some Formal wear needs to be dry cleaned, and some require just gentle hand washes. It is very essential that we keep our formal wear neat and clean and iron it before wearing it so that we look fresh every single time we wear it.

But when it comes to casual wear, most of the outfits are quickly washed in a machine as it does not demand so much care and maintenance and this is its biggest advantage.

Now that we got to know about the difference between Formal and Casual wear! Here are some outfit ideas that’ll help you out in choosing the best attire according to the event.


Women these days have reached many top positions but dressing up for this position is still a struggle for many women. How you spruce up for work shows how truly you take your work and that is how people will perceive you. Dressing up for work can be tricky sometimes as you are the face of the company and you also need to keep the brand image in your mind while sprucing up for work. Here Are Some Formal Wear Outfit Ideas, We have Curated For You


The business skirt would always be a classic smart choice for your formal days, it looks feminine and genuine. The length can be above the knees however, wearing too short probably won’t look work-appropriate. You can attempt to experiment with its cuts and colours in case you do not want to go for the classic black or grey pencil cut. Also, You can pair it with your solid-colour shirts or printed shirts that praise the shade of the skirt.


Choose a well-fitted top or a blouse that is made of quality micro-fiber blends to give you a crisp and neat look. You need not have to stick to the classic white shirt, you can always go for experimenting a bit by choosing solid colours or prints like strips that can give you a fashionable look.


Women’s in a Business Pantsuit looks extremely elegant. It’s the “Boss Lady” Kind of attire that shows confidence and sophistication. Business Pantsuit comes in a variety of colours, cuts, and fabrics that can take you from daytime affairs to evening occasions. You would not regret investing in attire something like this elegant.


It sometimes gets difficult for women to select what should they wear to an office and what they should not, or they do some little mistakes that totally flop the look. so here we give a few tips to avoid Formal Business Wear botches, which will likewise help you with the trip realize what is work proper to keep away from embarrassment at work.


We tend to forget sometimes what’s our business environment, Who are your bosses and colleagues? What works in your office probably won’t work in other workplaces you should remember the brand image while sprucing up your office. if it’s is a corporate workplace, wear a decent pantsuit or skirt suit, and if wearing a blazer isn’t your sort, then invest in some great quality trousers and shirts.


We often tend to wear a business wear outfit that is quite the same as our colleagues, This gets boring for you as well as for your workplace as the attire are same as every other person. You can possibly add your own touch to the look by adding some customization while still sticking to the look guideline of your office.


Despite your workplace, it is expected that your clothing must fit you perfectly so that it does not look shabby, Tailored and alteration is to be done so that your clothing does not seem to be too tight or too loose. It would make you feel comfortable the entire day with one less thing to stress over.

Now that we have discussed enough Formal Wear, Let’s head on to some cool comfy Casual Wear outfit ideas to stand out from the crowd.


Whoever said “Beauty Is Pain” might have never heard of Casual Wear. It’s a style that makes you feel free and natural and above all, makes you feel comfortable. Although we know chill plans sometimes can be stressful to dress for, therefore we have arranged some absolutely wearable cool, and comfy Casual Outfits to stand out from the crowd.


When you are super befuddled about what to wear to get that perfect casual look. Then simply wear your fave dress and put up your denim jackets. It would effortlessly give you the comfy vibe you were looking for pair it with your sling bag and a good pair of footwear(designer footwear for women ) and you’re good to go.


If you are too keen on experimenting with casual wear then a grunge look might suit you the best, incorporate more grunge into your closet such as a plaid shirt or statement shirt, shorts, ripped jeans, or oversized silhouettes lastly complete the look by wearing your fave pair of combat boots or shoes.


When you are totally in a comfy mood. Wear an oversized T-shirt with your fave pair of mom jeans, get some chunky sneakers on and you’re all set.


Well, you would love to know that there are no rules in casual wear, you can experiment as much as you want and wear anything that you feel is comfortable and relaxed.

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