Geiger, the Comic Series: All You Need to Know

Although comic books don’t have the mainstream attention they used to have, they still enjoy a solid fandom that is always ready for new heroes and stories. The new comic, Geiger, has blown up and caused a stir among fans. Created by Geoff Johns, the series has received excellent community reviews.

The narrative follows a father who bears mysterious radioactive powers as he crisscrosses a deserted Nevada landscape in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s a western storyline at heart and poignant in parts, and even though the action is generic, the Geiger world and its factions are intelligently built.

You’ll learn the A to Z of the Geiger comic series in this article. Also, you’ll know where the story is set, who Geiger is, and the other characters involved. So read till the end, but be careful because there are many spoilers here.

Where is the Story Set?

Geiger’s narrative takes place primarily in Las Vegas but also moves back to Nevada. It is set in the future (2030), and the United States has been rendered functionless, thanks to nuclear bombs ravaging the entire country.

The desert and its atmosphere of sand and stars give its readers an excellent focal point for the characters involved. Also, the open dry land is full of peril. Therefore, opening the comic and seeing desert should evoke an adrenaline rush in your system as it is the theatre of war.

Who is Geiger?

According to Gary Frank, Geiger is a sickly middle-aged man who follows closely on happenings in his country, intending to protect his family. When the nuclear bombs finally fall (the danger was impending), he rushes his loved ones into a protective bunker. However, he doesn’t make it inside himself and is left staring at one of the nuclear explosions.

While creating the comic series, Geoff Johns and his partners wanted to maintain a menacingly tough character. Still, they needed him to be humane, and that is what he is throughout the entire series. Many people living in the apocalypse’s aftermath talk about the mysterious man. That’s because he is the only one who can survive the desert without wearing a protective suit.

Are There Any Other Characters Involved?

Earlier in the comic, Geiger runs into two orphans, and their lives start to intertwine almost immediately. Although they play supporting roles, the orphans have an excellent backstory, and you’ll love learning about them individually. 


Written by Geoff Johns, the Geiger comic series is a refreshing touch to the world of post-apocalyptic storytelling. You will find a lot of neat stuff there, so head to any online store and get a copy of the first volume to whet your appetite.

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