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Global talent visa processing time 2023

According to the UK’s economic outlook report 2023, we can see some major changes in the way the world economy is battling with the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with the new variant Omicron on the rise globally, we need to see how in 2022  visa applications and immigration processes take turn.

It is expected that the economy would be recording in 2022 and 2023 but at a rate slower than expected due to the present day omicron virus attacks globally.

In this article today, we will discover what can affect the processing time for a Global talent visa application, what it is that you can do to avoid any delay from your side. Applications for study or Work visa UK are likely to take heights in 2022. 

What does the Global Talent visa offer to overseas talent?

The Global talent visa offers multiple benefits as compared to any other work or study visa.

The visa also provides you with lesser immigration restrictions. 

  1. You can switch your job as per your need

Unlike other work visas, the Global talent visa offers you the career growth opportunities of your choice. This is an unsponsored visa route where you can come to the UK to study or work as per your choice without restrictions or disturbances of eligibility.

  1. Flexible job role

The Global Talent visa comes with one of the best benefits of having a flexible job role. What does this mean for you? This means that you can easily take up jobs that best suit your skills and then you can switch to other job roles without any fear or worry.

  1. Global recognition

The biggest advantage of the Global Talent visa UK is that you become a part of the world’s best Innovation industry. The UK ranks 4th in the world Innovation Index and has the 2nd highest number of Nobel Prize awardees.

  1. Endorsement in just 14 days

The Fast-track endorsement process allows the applicant to get the decision on their application within 14 days of submission.

  1. Lower fee for application

Compared with other work visas for the UK, the Global talent visa application costs you just £608. And this is for 5 years validity of the visa.

Since this is a non-sponsored visa application, hence there is no additional cost of sponsorship involved, which allies the prospective visa holders to choose the way they want to work and spend life in the UK.

How can you make a successful application?

The application process for a Global talent visa requires you to clear 2 stages. The first stage is about getting your application endorsed and the second stage is the immigration application process. 

The endorsement process is headed by the 6 UK Home Office authorised endorsing bodies which assess the applications in the field of Science, Research, Humanities, Arts, Engineering, and Medicine.

These 6 endorsing bodies will review and assess your applications based on your eligibility and suitability. 

Once you have a written approval from these bodies then the next step for you is to apply for an entry clearance application(Immigration application stage) for a Global Talent visa. 

This part of the process must be completed within 3 months of getting approved by the endorsing bodies. 

The 6 endorsing bodies are: 

  • Royal Society
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • Tech Nation
  • The British Academy
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Arts Council England

These endorsing bodies will assess two types of applications. There are two ways in which you can apply, one is exceptional talent category and the other is exceptional promise candidate category.

The exceptional talent category is for those individuals who have a proven track record of excellence in their specific field and possess a great amount of experience and expertise.

The exceptional promise category is for those who are potential leaders in their field, and have less number of years of experience than the exceptional talent candidates.

Application processing 

Usually, the majority of applications take about 3-4 weeks to process the endorsement. However, the Digital technology applicants can get their results in 14 days with fast-track endorsement processing.

The entry clearance process takes about 8-10 weeks. This is likely to get extended because of the prevailing restrictions worldwide posed by the pandemic. 

It is important that one should not get overwhelmed with the delay. 

You can take legal assistance form immigration lawyers in the UK, A Y & J Solicitors, who have a proven track record of bespoke services in Global talent visa. 

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