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How long does water damage take to become noticeable?

What effects will it have on your home if you do nothing to fix the water damage?

Harm provoked by water is not something that you should accept easily. Because of this, we strongly advise taking action as soon as you discover water damage in your house. It is one more reason our team of specialists is on call around the clock and, more crucially, immediately. Considering that around seventy per cent of houses already have a mould issue, being able to take the appropriate actions as soon as the first indicators appear might save higher expenditures for renovations, as well as health risks and even insurance claims.

Two distinct categories of water damage may occur in residential properties, each of which is determined by the severity of the underlying issue: effects on one’s health as well as structural problems that might have an impact on the structure or design of a home (e.g., floors) The key to minimising the duration of the effects of water damage on both you and your house, as well as the severity of those effects, is to recognise the warning signals as soon as they appear. It is a summary of what to anticipate regarding a timeframe. And what to anticipate as a homeowner in the event of Water Damage Restoration in Encinitas.

Initial water damage in a few minutes.

Water damage may happen in minutes. Water saturates everything in its path. Water damage saturation typically develops in locations not apparent on the surface, but instruments may detect leaks in your piping system if that is the reason. It lets you cut off your water system to avoid flooding.

Water saturation affects your walls, floors, and furniture over the following few minutes to an hour. Water exposure turns furniture finishes white. Photos and books might bulge or deform due to high humidity levels produced by excess moisture. Homeowners and business owners should constantly check their structures to avoid issues like carpets losing colour and finishing bleeding. Water damage does not affect health at this time.

Foremost 24 hours of deterioration.

Water damage may aggravate household scents. Water causes mould and mildew development, which stinks. Within 24 hours of discovery, a foul smell will emanate from your property owing to high humidity in damp regions like basements and crawlspaces where moisture has penetrated drywall or insulation. If remediation specialists specialising in structural drying services don’t solve this swiftly, high microorganisms (mould) might lead to health risks for nearby residents.

Walls expand and break down in the first 24 hours. Drywall is durable, but too much water may ruin it. Mould grows on wet walls, causing this.

Metal surfaces discolour 24 hours after water damage. Metal and non-metal react chemically, causing this. Sulfur dioxide and oxygen are examples. Once exposed, a thin coating of corrosion occurs and dulls the metal.

Laminated furniture may expand, break, and shatter, as can the finish. In water damage scenarios, we often deal with veneer furniture. A veneer is a thin layer glued to a sturdy substrate, making it easily damaged. Old furniture’s veneer adhesive is generally not water-resistant so it might blister, break, or peel.

Current health changes are minimal. Individuals with a sharp insight of odour may detect smell changes and get uncomfortable from the intense fragrance, but substantial changes will emerge in the next days-weeks.

48-to-1-week water damage timeline

Water damage doesn’t end after 24 hours. The following five days to a week are busy. Mould, mildew, and other toxins are grown. It is partly due to not addressing the cause of the water damage but also to the paint and drywall chemicals.

Unprotected metals rust, corrode, and pit during this period. Metal and non-metal substances interact, and rusting and corrosion rely on the metal.

Furniture may deform and display mould between 48 hours and a week after water damage. Water damage may ruin furniture. Furniture will mildew, twist, and bleed in the first 48 hours to one week after water damage.

In the first 48 hours to a week after water damage, paint peels and becomes wet. Long-term exposure to moisture degrades paint chemicals. You may also notice painted surfaces blistering and adhesives breaking down, producing liquid or sticky substances that may be harmful if handled bare-handed.

Another dangerous symptom of water damage within 48 hours (approximately two days) to one week is flaking paint that feels damp beneath your touch owing to chemical reactions.

Wood floors may expand, distort, and buckle in addition to paint blistering. Wood flooring can’t survive extended water damage. During this period, laminate floors may buckle, warp, and swell, but this also applies to ash, oak, and walnut.

Significant health concerns arise between 48 hours and one week. People with respiratory difficulties or impaired immune systems may suffer from microbial proliferation. Mould is an essential health risk for persons with impaired immune systems. Because there are several mould kinds, bacteria is another problem for persons with impaired immune systems or respiratory disorders. Bacteria may accumulate everywhere in the home, but they’re more prevalent when there’s water damage—warm, damp, confined conditions. Bacteria propagate illnesses throughout the body. Water damage may increase infections like Athlete’s foot and Chronic Sinusitis.

Over a week for water damage

Within a week, water damage will intensify. The abovementioned instances keep worsening, and suddenly you have a hefty repair expense. In certain situations, the cost is more than planned, owing to refurbishment expenditures and insurance claims.

Untreated water damage may also threaten structure safety and tenant health. It might be costly if they need to locate temporary housing. Poor people might incur additional medical bills during this period, and water damage can cause long-term health issues due to mould exposure.


Although the impact of water damage might differ from person to person, the progression of the damage over time is always the same from home to house. Overall, water damage affects more than just your home; it also negatively influences your physical and emotional welfare. It does this by generating a variety of issues, such as mould development, which may ultimately have a severe impact on your health.

Not to mention that it also costs money since, if left ignored for a significant amount of time, you would need to spend it on repairing or restoring everything from scratch! Prevention is your greatest bet if you want Water Damage Restoration in Encinitas from impacting the condition of your property. If you cannot stop water damage from happening, the best thing you can do is take remedial action as soon as possible. It will guarantee a slight loss and will not negatively impact you or your pocketbook.

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