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How To Decor A House For A Gothic Party?

Are you thinking of having a gothic themed party at home? Do you want a unique and an extraordinary gothic decoration for the party? Well, instead of using the usual gothic accessories, you can decorate your house with some unique and beautiful gothic accessories for the party. If you are a Potterhead, you must be well aware of the deathday party of the Gryffindor ghost Mr. Nearly- Headless Nick. Remember the deathday party hall? It was a dungeon, decorated with black and velvet curtains hung in folds and a chandelier decorated with black candles. Moreover, the candles were lit with bright blue flames. Isn’t it enough to give a spooky vibe? You can also think of something unusual like this for the gothic themed party at home.

For a gothic party, it is always better to stick with the balck or dark themed colours. Because these colours are classic gothic colours and give us a sense of eeriness, mystery and ghastliness. So everything, from dresses to makeup to decoration should be in the colour of black or some dark colours. You can also use accessories such as gothic candle holders, gothic coffin bags, etc to get a chilling and eerie vibe. In this article we shall look at some of the important things that are required to decorate a house for a gothic party.

1. Use gothic decorative pieces

Use gothic decorative pieces to get a sense of spookiness in the party. You do not need to decorate the entire house in the colour black. All you need to do is, just add a few gothic decorative pieces in the colour black. Decorate the house with some gothic accessories like altar tables, gothic boxes, dragon showpieces and skulls.

You can also add gothic candle holders and gothic coffin bags to get a more spooky vibe.

2. Choose dramatic curtains and dark wallpapers

Do not hesitate in making your house look dramatic and expressive. This is what a gothic themed party is all about. So do remember to add curtains in dramatic colours like black, red, maroon or burgundy. At the same time you can also add bold colour wallpapers like black wallpaper with some antique or classical gothic designs. This will give a spooky vibe to the party and hence will spice up your gothic party.

3. Use gothic themed crockery set in the party

As you all know, a party is all about food and fun. So when it is a gothic party, how can food remain far behind? In order to serve your guests with delicious food, use a gothic themed crockery set. From plates to serving bowls to serving spoons, each and every utensil should be in gothic designs. To serve soup and drinks, use cauldrons, goblets and tankards.

4. Use candles to create a gothic mood

When it comes to a gothic themed party, candles play one of the most important roles. Without candles you won’t get a vibe of spookiness in the party. So pay much attention to the candles for a gothic themed party. Light an ample amount of candles and use some beautifully designed gothic candle holders for them. Also you can light incense sticks and put them in the gothic designed backflow burners to get that spine-chilling vibe in your party.

5. Keep a gothic themed dress code for the party

All the decoration for a party is incomplete without a proper dress code. So when you are hosting a gothic themed party, do consider a gothic themed dress code along with decoration. Ask your guests to attend the party in a ghostly getup. From dresses to makeup, everything should give a spooky and an eerie vibe.

Summing Up

A gothic themed party should be fun filling. Along with that it should also give an uncanny and a sinister vibe. Everything should be antique and dark themed. From decoration to dresses to makeup, everything should give a spine-chilling vibe. If you are planning a gothic themed party, make it dark, expressive and dramatic. Jordash Clothing is an online store that comes up with amazing gothic accessories for the party like gothic candle holders and gothic coffin bags and beautiful gothic dresses.

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