How to Draw a Cartoon Clown A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw a Cartoon Clown A Step-by-Step Guide

When visiting a carnival or fair, there are certain expectations of what should be there! Large, colorful tents, balloons, and activities are expected, and many people also hope to see some clowns in attendance. That is unless they have a clown dread for everyone else.    

It’s hard not to be amused by the colorful exploits of a clown, which is why we’ll learn how to draw a cartoon clown in this guide. By the end of this guide, you will have your very own colorful cartoon friend! So get ready to have some drawing fun as we learn how to draw a cartoon clown in just six fun and easy steps.

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How to Draw a Cartoon Clown – let’s get Initiated!

Step 1

This is an enjoyable and imaginative design that we will be working on in this guide on how to draw a cartoon clown! We will start drawing this funny clown, starting with his face and part of his body. Instead, draw a lying oval shape for his big beak. Then, use a curved line below this for her smiling mouth. We’ll also draw details under her mouth to show that it’s open with her tongue sticking out.

Then his eyes will be drawn as two small curved lines inside an oval. Your head will have a thinner round section that sits on top of a much larger lower round section. We will also add a bow tie with a circle in the center and two large portions on each side. Finally, draw two curved straps that end in buttons, and then draw the body.

Step 2

We shielded a lot in the first step of this funny clown drawing! For this second step, we’ll narrow things down by focusing on one aspect of his hat. The hat has a thin, curved brim on top of his head, and then there’s a more extensive round section.

For a fun detail, we’ll draw a flower on the hat. Knowing clowns, they probably spray water on unsuspecting victims! You can then finish this step by outlining your bumpy hair on the sides of your head.

Step 3

We have another more straightforward step that focuses on one aspect of the image in this one. A clown’s clothes are rarely expected, and that’s true for this clown’s pants!

His pants are bowl-shaped and will be tucked behind the straps and buttons on his suspenders. Once you’ve outlined the pants, we’ll add the pattern to them. Draw some curved vertical lines on the pants for this look, and then continue to step 4!

Step 4

Step 4 of this focus on how to draw a cartoon comic will focus on his arms and arrows. His arms will be skinny and curved, and we’ll draw them with simple curved lines. Then she will have big gloves on the ends of her arms. Each glove has a rounded edge where it meets the components.

Then for the hands, we’ll use some rounded shapes for the big fingers and thumbs. You could even make the arm position wilder if you wanted! Then we will finish the final details and touches as we guide step.

step 5

Before we have fun coloring, let’s finish the outline of this cartoon clown drawing by adding her legs. Her legs will be very short, as this will add to the exaggerated portrayal of this clown. They can be removed using simple curved lines, and we will draw the shoe from them. Your shoes will be facing outwards and will be relatively flat and rounded. We’ll also remove a row of small, skinny shapes on top of the boots for the laces.

It’s as simple as that, and you can add extra details and elements! Adding a background is always a great way to take a drawing to the next level, and there are tons of settings you can choose from for this guy. It could be enjoyable to draw a whimsical circus background, and if you did, what kind of details would you work into it?

step 6

This is the final step of the guide, and now you can have a lot of fun adding color to this clown! Clowns are known for being colorful and vibrant, and the one in our example image is no exception! We tried to use a wide variety of colors for this clown, and the colors popped. Some examples are bright purples for her hat, green for his tie and suspenders, and blue for her pants.

These are just a few of the colors we chose, but now you can show what colors you think would go well with this clown! Will you choose shades similar to our selections, or will you choose completely new colors? 


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