How to find the best perfumes for men in India?

Perfumes for men might not make you a woman charmer in a few spritzes (unlike every other Men’s perfume Ad). But fragrances do hold the power of making you noticeable by adding vibrancy to your personality. 

However, before revealing the tips to find and wear the best perfume for men online; have a look at the most popular men’s perfume in India:

Top 10 best perfumes for men 2022:

  1. French Essence Intense Eau De Parfum- Best perfume for men under 500 in India

  1. If you are searching for the most long lasting perfume for men in India- French Essence Intense EDP is for you. This premium men’s perfume is made from Exotic French ingredients. Its signature woody, amber, and earthy notes will keep you fresh and energized all day. It is one of the Best perfume for men under 500 in India
  1. Ustraa Scuba Cologne- Refreshing perfume for men under 1000

Source: Ustraa

Ustraa perfume – Scuba is best-suited for daily use or casual hangout sessions. This no-gas men’s perfume has spicy signature notes that are perfectly balanced by its refreshing and energizing opening notes. It comes in travel-friendly premium packaging. 

  1.  The Man Company Blanc Perfume for MenBest Value for Money

Source: Amazon

Man Company Blanc Body perfume is best for everyday use. Its powerful yet pleasant smell masks body odour perfectly. If you are looking for a branded men’s perfume on a budget, give this body perfume a try (and thank us later!).

  1. Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume for MenBest long lasting perfume for men

Source: Amazon

This luxury men’s perfume by Beardo can add alluring dimensions to your personality. Its masculine fragrance is a magical mix of woody, spicy, and oud aromas, perfect for special date nights or classy social events. The name of this perfume, its alluring scent, and its dapper packaging make it irresistible. 

  1. Denver Hamilton Perfume for Men- High-rated men’s perfume online

Source: Amazon

This perfume is for passionate Indian men who are go-getters and free-spirited. It has an intense and long-lasting smell; best suited for long working hours at the office or intense gym sessions. The opening notes of this men’s perfume are green and citrus, while its middle notes are spicy floral that transition subtly into an attractive balsamic woody aroma. 

  1. FOGG Scent Impressio EDP- Strong perfume for men 

Source: Flipkart

This Fogg scent has an overpowering and captivating smell; perfect for all occasions from AM to PM. It has a woody base note and opens with energizing ginger and bitter orange aromas. This long-lasting men’s perfume is among the best-selling authentic perfumes online in India.

  1. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Men’s Perfume- Best everyday perfume for men

Source: Flipkart

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual is the best budget perfume for men in India. You get attractive packaging with exotic scents under just 300 Rupees! Its top notes are lemon, mint, and rosemary, heart notes are cardamom and coriander, and signature notes are an attractive fusion of dry amber, patchouli, and moss.

  1. Axe Signature Gold Dark Vanilla EDT (Men)Popular Men’s perfume in India

Source: Amazon

All Axe Signature perfumes are among the best-selling men’s perfumes in India. But Gold Dark Vanilla is mind-blowing! Its notes are an exquisite blend of mandarin, oud, vanilla, and smokey tobacco aromas. It is versatile and well-suited for all occasions, from intense workout sessions to late-night parties to romantic date nights. 

  1. Skinn by Titan RAW EDP (Men)- Luxury branded perfume for men in India

Source: Amazon

Skinn by Titan RAW perfume is a luxury aromatic scent with enchanting notes and surprising twists. It opens with splashing watery fruity notes that transition into subtle yet captivating spicy floral aromas. Its alluring signature cashmeran, Indonesian patchouli, and guaiac wood notes will make you noticeable. 

  1. All Good Scents Urbane Nights EDT (Men)- Premium perfume for men under 1000

Source: Amazon

This rare, sensual, and blond leather fragrance is best for making dramatic yet elegant entrances. All Good Scents is a vegan perfume with spicy and woody aromas. It is best suited for everyday use or casual engagements.

Now, here are some quick tips to help you choose the perfect fragrance

Tips for finding the right scent for men

  • What’s the occasion?

A fragrance suitable for the office might not be the best idea for an evening dance party. Therefore, consider the occasion before wearing perfume to make an impressive impression. For example, woody or dark vanilla fragrances are good choices for a romantic evening, while aquatic or earthy scents can make your vacay moods- even better

  • Understand different perfume fragrances

Discovering your signature scent is a long journey. You always have the trial and error method to find the perfect scent. But, a little research online about fragrance families and notes can help you big time. Some most sought-after notes in men’s perfumes are aquatic, earthy, woody, musky, leather, oud, and vanilla.

  • Check the packaging labels

Finding authentic perfumes online in India can be a little tricky. That’s why only buy from genuine websites after reading the product description and checking product reviews and seller ratings. 

How to wear a men’s perfume properly?

  1. Always apply on the pulse points like chest, neck, wrists, shoulders, etc. 
  2. Do not overspray because no matter how premium your perfume is, no one wants a headache
  3. Spray from a 3 to 6-inch distance
  4. Apply perfume right after taking a shower or bath for maximum absorption
  5. Don’t rub your wrists after applying perfume because rubbing makes top notes fade faster. 

Should men wear perfumes?

Why not? 

Yes, men should wear perfumes contrary to the popular belief that perfumes are primarily for women. Fragrances not only keep body odour at bay but are also a great way to enhance one’s personality and boost self-confidence. If you have only used man’s deodorants and colognes, this is your sign to try perfumes. Trust us- they’ll open a whole new world for you! 

Tell us about your favourite perfumes in the comments below.


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