What Is Mending? And How To Get Mending In Minecraft?

Mending is a mechanic in Minecraft that allows you to repair tools and armor using materials found in the world. To get started with Mending, you’ll first need to locate a book called “Mending,” which Elder Guardians drop. Once you have the book, open it and select the item you’d like to repair. The amount of durability that will be restored depends on the material used. For example, repairing a tool with a diamond will restore more durability than repairing it with wood.

There are two ways to mend items:

With a crafting table or an anvil. To mend an item with a crafting table, place the item you want to repair in the top left slot, then place the required material in the adjacent spaces. The amount of fabric you need varies depending on the item being repaired. To mend an object by placing it on a crafting table, but the thing you want to repair in the first slot and materials to restore its durability in adjacent spaces.

Types of materials needed to depend on what is being mended:

  • Wooden tools/armor – planks (wood)
  • Stone tools/armor – cobblestone (stone)
  • Iron tools/armor – iron ingots (iron)

To mend armor using an anvil, place the damaged piece(s) of armor or tool in your hand and right-click on the anvil with it. Then, lay out the required elements of material for repairing that piece of armor. The result will be the repaired armor or tool in your hand.

How to get mending books in Minecraft?

Mending can also be done with a book and quill. To do this, write the Mending enchantment (not case-sensitive) on a book, then place the book in an anvil with the item you want to repair. The cost of Mending is two levels of experience for every level of enchantment on the book. Levels are taken from your experience level while using the enchanted book. Mending costs the same as a scroll, rune, or sign.


Mending is a Minecraft enchantment that repairs items with no use of XP. Mending can also be done by enchanting a book and placing it in an anvil with the thing you want to repair. It takes two levels for every level of enchantment in the book. To obtain mending books in Minecraft, one must first get the magic from a villager librarian and make an enchanted book and quill, both requiring arcane dust and paper (or just writing), respectively.

Then you can enchant books to get Mending, but if it does not work, check your chat log to see if you did it wrong, because you need 1 level of experience to enchant an item with Mending. If it is successful, the enchantment will be added to the book, and you can start repairing your valuable items. The cost for Mending is two levels of experience for every level of enchantment on the book, so if you have a group of three enchantments on the book, then it will take six levels of experience to repair the item entirely.

Mending books can also repair other enchanted books by placing them in an anvil together, although this is not recommended because it will consume the mending book. Using mending books in this way does not cost any levels of experience. As well as repairing items, fixing books can also be used to upgrade items from their pre-enchanted state (e.g., bows) to their enchanted form, but this costs levels of experience even if the thing is unenchanted and consumes the mending book in use.

Tips for mending books:

Some items can be repaired above their maximum durability level without spending any levels on it, so keep those items at max durability as long as you want them to be fully restored for free! As well, beware of hostile mobs! It is not worth wasting your hard-earned levels of experience repairing an iron sword to have a creeper blow upon you and destroy all of your work! Be sure to carry another sword before enchanting your weapon(s).

How to get mending enchantment?

Mending is an enchantment that can be applied to items in Minecraft, an action that requires the use of an enchanted book and experience levels. Upon combining these two items, the mending enchantment will spawn and spread like fire over anything it comes into contact with. The most effective way to do this is simply by holding one or more damaged items in your hand and right-clicking on another thing; if enough available experience levels are remaining in your pool and all requirements for usage were met, then this will automatically apply itself.

Effect when applied to items:

The mending enchantment will fix damaged items until they are fully repaired. The amount of experience required per usage is 20 levels, making it possible for players who have achieved level 100 or higher with their characters to repair enchanted equipment without the need for anvils. This also means that there is no risk in improving expensive or rare armor/weapons if they fall into disrepair during combat since all that must be done is find some grass and rocks to kill nearby mobs to restore your experience levels.

Note: All items affected by this enchantment must have a 0% and 100% damage value. Any deals beyond that range will not be repaired. Instead, the thing will return to its previously undamaged state. Suppose one or more pieces of equipment have been enchanted with Unbreaking. In that case, those items may have higher durability than the other equipment the player is using, which was only delighted with Mending.

How to obtain?

To gain this enchantment as early as possible in Minecraft, players should craft an enchanted book from a bookshelf and lapis lazuli. Doing so requires 14 blocks of wood planks, one block of cobblestone, 1 unit of the bookshelf, and three lapis lazuli. The enchanted book can then transport any item that the player desires.


  • If you’re having trouble repairing items with the mending enchantment, try moving around a bit until you’re in a better spot. The magic has a range of 4 blocks in all directions, so being close to an anvil or other crafting table may not always work out in your favor.
  • The mending enchantment will not work on items that have been damaged beyond repair. If an item is at 0% durability, this enchantment will not fix it and will remain at 0%.
  • Enough experience levels must remain in the player’s pool for the mending enchantment to work. If an enchanted book is used up to where it has just one experience point left, that enchantment will fail and backfire on the player (e.g., not give them Mending). The only way around this is to use another enchanted book, but first, players must remove all enchantments already applied to any other item currently held.
  • Enchanted books can apply more than one enchantment at once if specific passive abilities are present within their unique ID number. With Mending, players may want to apply Unbreaking since repairing items is often critical to survival, especially with expensive equipment or armor. Unbreaking and Touch make for good picks; try enchanting a pickaxe with Mending and Unbreaking for the best performance.
  • Mending is not compatible with any other enchantment that tries to “repair” items, whether from another player or an enchantment table. Magic such as Silk Touch will still work on blocks/items regardless of their state of durability but will give no experience points to the player when they do so.

This enchantment cannot repair damaged bookshelves, slabs, signs, paintings, dye (all colors), or even enchanted golden apples. The only way around this is by finding alternate means of repairing them.


  • How do I get mending in Minecraft?

Mending is a feature that allows you to repair items using XP levels. You can get Mending by enchanting an article with the Mending enchantment.

  • What items can be repaired with Mending?

Only tools and armor can be repaired with Mending. Weapons cannot be fixed with this enchantment.

  • How much XP does it take to repair an item with Mending?

The amount of XP required to repair an item depends on the damage that has been done to the item. Generally, it takes more XP to repair an item when it is heavily damaged.

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