How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft? The Step-by-Step Guide To Makes Black Dye In Minecraft

Black Dye In Minecraft

To make black dye in Minecraft, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Collect a bucket of wither water by going to the nether and finding a blueish pool of water. You cannot find any in the overworld because it is too light/daylight outside, so you must go into the nether. You can use glass or another bucket to collect it with.

Step 2:

Find three cocoa beans and place them into the crafting area: Make sure that there are no spaces between each cocoa bean! If you see one room, then either craft again or change how you placed your cocoa beans. If done correctly, it will output two buckets of milk and one chocolate bar.

Step 3:

Make a crafting table and then place one bucket of milk into it. Hold shift and left-click the chocolate bar that you got from before to make a piece of chocolate. The chocolate is now black! Do this again to create another piece of black chocolate to use as your dye.

Step 4:

Right-click (or whatever key bind you set for it) on a cauldron, but the two pieces of black cocoa in the cauldron. You will need wooden planks / sticks / logs or even glass to complete this step. If you don’t want any other materials except sticks, then try looking near trees (you can go into creative mode and right-click them, and they will drop bars).

Step 5:

Fill the cauldron with Nether Wither Water (100 water=1 bucket of wither water).

Step 6:

Light it on fire! It would help if you had a black cauldron now, Right-click it to get a bottle of the black dye out. If you don’t want to do all those steps, here is the recipe for one piece of black dye: 9 x 3 = 27 cocoa beans 3 x 2 = 6 buckets of milk 1 x 1 = 1 chocolate bar. There are 24 bottles in a cauldron, so use your math skills or experiment and see how many you need.

Step 7:

Dyeing the clothing! To do this, you need a piece of white or blue-colored fabric. Right-click on an anvil with it and put your bottle of black dye in the middle while holding shift. Press craft, and you will have a dyed piece of clothing! It would be recommended that you turn brightness up to 100% while doing this because otherwise, the Redstone fuzz from the cauldron might be hard to see.

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If you did everything correctly, then congratulations. You just made some black dye. You can go into survival mode now and mine coal since that is what most people use for making colored blocks / walls / etc.

How do you make black dye in survival?     

In survival mode in Minecraft, you start with a little bit of everything. The only problem is that there aren’t very many decorative blocks or things to decorate your house with. But have no fear! There are mods for this! All you have to do is get the mod and put it in your world’s mods folder. I will make a tutorial on this soon. But for now, how do you make black dye in survival mode?

Black dye is relatively simple to make, but it can be hard to find all the ingredients. You start by killing sheep and then taking the wool of the sheep with some string. Next, you smelt the wool into black wool and dye it, and you now have black wool! If you can’t find the string to shade the black wool with, I guess you could make a string out of cobwebs.

If, after making your black wool and dying it with something, it doesn’t work at all, start over by killing sheep again and keep trying as long as you’re patient.

How to make white dye in Minecraft?

So you want to know how to make white dye in Minecraft. Well, this is a tutorial on how to do it! Make sure you have the ingredients listed below before reading further.


  • Cocoa Bean
  • 3 Bone Meal
  • 2 Cactus Green
  • Any Yellow Dye (Optional)

Following are the phases to make white dye in Minecraft.

  1. First, you will need to find a vanilla Minecraft Cactus.
  2. Next up, you will need to look for a desert. Once there, go ahead and break the cactus with your ax or weapon of choice.
  3. You should get two cactus green from the cactus, eat one and drop the other one.
  4. Now go ahead and find a cocoa pod from a jungle tree.
  5. Once you have found it, you will need to go ahead and break the cocoa pod with your fists.
  6. Next, uptake one bone meal for every cactus green that you have. Eat them one at a time until all of them are gone or, in other words, eaten.
  7. Once they are eaten, you will start to see the effects. Your skin will turn white, and your texture will change.
  8. But it won’t be permanent yet, and you need to drink another cactus green until your hunger bar is whole again. You can eat up to 4 bone meals for each cactus green that you have.
  9. Once you are done eating, go ahead and find a vanilla Minecraft sheep or cow in love mode.
  10. Next up, right-click the sheep/cow to get some wool, which will turn into the white thread. Congratulations, you just made white dye.
  11. The effects of the bone meal aren’t permanent, so that they will go away after a few minutes, but you can repeat the steps above to make them stay longer.


· Can you make black dye in Minecraft without using ink sacs?

Instead of applying the ink sac to make things black in the game, you’ll need to use black dye to change the color of items to black (starting in the Village & Pillage Update). Let’s see how to create the black shade.

· What is the best way to make brown color in Minecraft?

It’s one of the rarest dyes in Minecraft. You may make this dye by combining black and orange dyes or combining blue and orange dyes to create it. In Minecraft, this dye is only available from cocoa beans.

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