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How To Reduce the Risk of Drowning with Swimming Lessons

Let’s accept the fact that swimming is a necessary skill that helps to stay safe in the water!

It is considered a fun way to learn a new activity. And makes kids, as well as adults, stay fit and healthy.

The best part is professional swimming lessons for kids and adults reduces the chances of drowning. How? 

In this article, we will learn about how swimming lessons can decrease the chances of drowning. Moreover, you will go through different types of things that an instructor teaches to prevent drowning. 

What Does Stats Say?

On a regular basis people hear about drowning cases in the society or cities. So, below we have given a brief on childhood and adult drowning cases.

Childhood Drowning Cases

Also, experts say children between ages 1 to 4 have a high rate of drowning. So, safety underwater is important for kids. Therefore, opting for good swimming lessons and instructors help children learn faster. Also, it minimizes the risk of drowning for children.

Adult Drowning Cases

Usually, teens and young children are curious and highly eager to explore their surroundings, which sometimes leads to mishaps. So, if they don’t know how to swim and try to swim, it might induce severe problems.

For teens and adults, most drowning cases occur in natural water bodies like rivers, oceans, ponds, and lakes. 

An Overview: Professional Swimming Lessons Reduce Drowning Risk

Imagine a situation where you or your child is stuck in water and splashing for a long time. Consider professional swimming classes as a rescue solution for kids from drowning. These days swim schools are highly focused on water survival with the best swimming technique.

Note: If enrolling your kid in a swimming school in Singapore region, always consult with your pediatrician. Their advice is important to confirm whether a kid is able to learn swimming lessons or not.

Below we have listed a few rescues you can find in a swimming institute to eliminate the risk of drowning.

1. Water Watchers

The presence of a water watcher helps to reduce most of the drowning situations among kids or children. So, remember it’s great to swim where the lifeguards are available and active around the water.

Usually, in swimming schools, the authorities assign a Water Watcher. What is it? Basically, a trained adult monitors participants in the water pool. They have to be entirely focused and stay dedicated while monitoring while swimming. It means they are not allowed to use any books or phones or have a conversation with others while watching the participants.

Moreover, the authority of swimming classes ensures that there are many water watchers for group swimming classes.

2. Teach water safety rules

To reduce the chances of drowning, one must know all the safety rules that apply underwater. Hence, swimming lessons for kids are known as an ideal method for teaching them underwater rules.

Some basic rules for protection are:

  • Don’t run inside the water
  • Never get panic 
  • Always wear a sunscreen
  • Don’t push each other underwater
  • Take adult’s permission while entering inside water (applies for kids and children)

Not only this, there are more safety rules like:

  • Wear eye protection glasses
  • Cover your ears with protection
  • Wear head guard
  • The clothes while swimming should be flexible and comfortable

Hence, making children understand water safety rules from an early age keeps them safe in or around swimming pools and water. The kids are curious and impulsive, so instructors repeat these rules again and again with them.

Let’s take an example; as the kids look both ways while crossing the road, similarly, they will remember to be careful around water. Also, children will ask for permission to get inside the water. Eventually, wearing protective gear and being attentive while swimming would become their habit which will eliminate drowning possibilities.

3. Provide different types of swimming learning categories

There are many categories for swimming lessons. We have listed some of the most popular ones:

Swim beginners

It is for toddlers and children between 6 months to 3 years old. In this category, instructors focus on developing swimming skills with fun as well as confidence-building experiences. Also, instructors teach parents about supervising children under the water.

Swim basics

Instructors teach participants basic swimming and personal water safety skills in this category. Here, students of all ages can participate.

In this category, the students get a high level of comfort around or underwater by continuously practicing swimming. It includes; underwater exploration, important measures, safe water habits, and exit techniques if you fall suddenly in the water.

Swim strokes

Well, the swim strokes category is best to improve the stroke technique in teenagers or adult students. It includes stroke techniques and upgraded water safety skills. Further, it increases cognitive and social-emotional well-being.

4. Teach helping others in the water

With yourself, it’s essential to learn to help your friends and family around the water. So in swimming lessons for kids, the instructor teaches to help others from drowning in just four steps;

  • Call out others for help
  • Reach to that person
  • Throw a floating object
  • And don’t jump directly 

Now, you have to understand these rules in detail. Below we have added a few basic tips that a child needs to understand in the case of any mishap.

Call out nearby people

The primary instructor teaches it is to call out to people when you see a person struggling in the water. And ask your friends and mates to call out emergency numbers (as per your region).

Try to reach out 

Lay on your stomach outside the pool or water bodies. And then try to reach a person struggling in the water with the help of a long branch, an oar, pool noodle, or something similar. If the person can hold that thing (branch or oar), then use it to help them pull them out safely.

Throw a floating object

If the drowning person can’t grab the object, then throw something which can float inside the water. It will help them to stay floating until the helping hand is given. That object could be a ring buoy, ball, empty water jug, or an empty picnic cooler.

Don’t Go

Don’t jump inside! And never forget this important tip.

If you find someone drowning, don’t jump impulsively. This activity may drag you underwater, which would be dangerous. So, use your mind and follow the three important tips listed above. Continuing to try helping out drowning person might help them out.

With the techniques of saving themselves from drowning, kids must know how to save others. Also, they need to know that jumping in the water to save others is not a full-proof solution. So, the swimming instructors help guide kids about drowning situations too.

Last Words

Most of the time, drowning occurs in unexpected situations. So, it’s important to register your kid for swimming classes. Not only kids, but you can opt for adult swimming lessons in Singapore or nearby areas.

Once it is decided that a child is physically and mentally ready for swimming classes, they must look for a program with highly experienced instructors that fits their budget. Also, make sure to check the qualification and their certificates for assurance.

We hope you have gained enough knowledge from this write-up. Now, you would be able to choose the right swimming coach to reduce the drowning risk.

Thank you for reading!

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