How to Train Your Pet Pooch to Stop Barking?

Obedience training helps with many things apart from instilling good manners in your pet pooch. Teaching and reinforcing commands mean your puppy can respond much more calmly to real-life situations, whether overwhelming or not.

Training is a wonderful opportunity for a puppy to learn to respond positively to situations. Consistent training can help reduce unpleasant habits such as abrupt barking, chewing things, and more. While behavioral problems can be due to mental ailments, they can as much be due to physical health issues.

You never know until the furry baby is tested for potential health conditions. Take your fur companion to the vet should you suspect any illnesses for early diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ so handling unanticipated vet costs need not be financially stressful.

Puppy insurance is available in different levels of cover, so consider your little pupper’s health needs and the health benefits of various dog plans before contemplating signing up for a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to teach your canine pet the stop barking command.

Stop barking command training

Often furry babies may not be aware that their continuous barking can annoy people inside and outside the house. Canine pets often bark to indicate happiness, grief, anxiety, warning, or when they require something from their human parents.

So, learn why your four-pawed friend incessantly barks to resolve the issue. Also, it is your responsibility to teach your furry friend when it is ok and when it isn’t to bark. You can take the help of the stop barking command, so your little pupper knows when barking has crossed a limit.

For instance, let your fur baby know that barking is fine as long as it is not more than three to four times after someone knocks at the door. After this, consider patting your furry baby on the back, giving it a head rub, saying enough of barking, praising it for letting you know, and finally, using the “Stop barking” command.

You pretty much know what to do soon after – Yes! Give your furry little one a treat three to four seconds later under its nose for being a good pet. The trick employed here is your pupper can’t sniff and bark simultaneously. Keep praising while your pet gnaws on the treat.

Practice this in a loop and gradually increase the duration, after which your puppy gets a treat. And remember, no treat if your furry baby continues to bark even after issuing the stop barking command. You can clap your hands or turn away until your pup stops barking.

Over time your canine may respond to your stop-barking calls with little effort. There can be many reasons for a puppy to bark; boredom and ill health are common issues that cause compulsive barking in canine pets.

Dog insurance NZ covers a furry baby’s physical health conditions so consider buying a policy. Puppy insurance supports your four-pawed friend with quality medical care during dire health situations and emergencies, so why not contemplate purchasing a policy?

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