Is there any side effects of Kaunch Beej?

Kaunch beej is an all-natural blood purifier, dry grapes benefits and helps reduce cholesterol levels by cleansing the liver and improving digestion. Packed full of dietary fibres, proteins, iron and vitamin A for enhanced gut health benefits as well as immunity-building qualities and brain functionality improvement, its consumption can significantly enhance gut health while simultaneously improving brain functions.

Attar of rose is used to treat amenorrhea and as an effective aphrodisiac for men. Furthermore, it has vata-balancing properties as well as L-dopa for managing symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

1. Controls High Cholesterol

Kaunch beej is an excellent source of soluble fibers which promote healthy digestive processes, helping alleviate problems such as bloating, indigestion, acidity and flatulence in the gut. Furthermore, this superfood boasts essential amino acids essential for hair and skin health as well as helping improve general wellbeing.

L-dopa, an effective Parkinson’s disease remedy.

Soaking kaunch beej seeds overnight and then eating them first thing in the morning can be extremely beneficial to pregnant and lactating women, increasing milk production while simultaneously balancing hormone levels in their bodies.

2. Controls Diabetes

Kaunch beej can help correct reproductive anomalies, cure digestive issues, lower cholesterol, prevent cancers and reverse diabetic symptoms while strengthening immunity, improving heart health and alleviating arthritis symptoms.

L-tryptophan, an amino acid, helps fight anaemia while providing restful sleep and positive emotions. Packed with calcium and iron, it provides pregnant and lactating women a boost to hormone balance as they increase milk production, plus being gluten-free it’s ideal for use as a replacement flour to prepare rotis, dosas or sweet treats!

3. Controls High Blood Pressure

Benefits of kaunch beej is an effective treatment for high blood pressure as its L-dopa component converts into dopamine and improves brain functions and memory retention.

Seeds are an excellent source of dietary fibers and proteins, helping reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen heart health, improve metabolism and protect eye health. Furthermore, quercetin antioxidants may prevent cancer while alkaloids help treat diarrhea.

Take 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoons of kaunch beej powder mixed with honey or 1 cup lukewarm milk after each meal for best results.

4. Controls High Blood Sugar

Kaunch beej is rich in dietary fibres and niacin, two components which work to increase good HDL cholesterol levels while simultaneously decreasing LDL levels, helping balance blood sugar and manage high blood pressure. Furthermore, this beverage nourishes heart health while protecting liver dysfunction.

Mucuna Pruriens or Kaunch beej boasts neurotransmitter-regulating properties that increase positive states of mind (sattva) while curbing lethargy (tamas). Furthermore, Mucuna Pruriens also improves memory, concentration and intelligence while relieving depression symptoms and strengthening immunity; plus acting as an aphrodisiac for men by increasing libido.

5. Controls High Blood Pressure

Kaunch beej powder contains levodopa, a precursor of dopamine neurotransmitter. This medication helps the central nervous system function normally while increasing male libido and strengthening sperm count – all qualities essential to combating Parkinson’s disease.

Soaking kaunch beej seeds overnight and eating them first thing in the morning can help pregnant and lactating women increase milk production, while it is an ideal protein source for athletes and body builders looking to increase muscle mass and strength.

6. Controls High Blood Sugar

Kaunch beej contains phytates which aid digestion by delaying absorption into the bloodstream instantly and gradually digested and absorbed into your system, helping control high blood sugar. This allows your body to slowly process and absorb glucose for effective management.

These seeds contain levodopa, which is a precursor of dopamine – an essential neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, sleep disorders, involuntary movements, mood regulation, learning and mood stability. Levodopa can also act as an effective tonic against Parkinson’s disease.

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of kaunch beej powder mixed with honey should be taken following meals as an after-meal dose.

7. Controls High Blood Pressure

Kaunch beej seeds (Mucuna pruriens), more commonly referred to as Cowhage, contain many essential vitamins and minerals for good health. Used both unani and ayurvedically to treat various illnesses.

Astringent properties found in turmeric help control blood pressure. The herb also acts as a purifier, cleansing liver and kidney organs while increasing immunity and strength levels, showing anti-arthritic properties and combatting arthritis symptoms.

Soaking kaunch beej seeds overnight can provide pregnant and lactating women with enormous advantages. Their rich iron and calcium content helps promote milk production while simultaneously balancing hormonal activity.

8. Controls High Blood Sugar

Kaunch beej contains l-dopa which converts into dopamine within your body, creating an increase in positive state of mind – Sattva – while diminishing lethargy (Tama). Furthermore, this supplement supports Skhura Dhatu for men to increase muscle strength.

Kaunch beej seeds are an excellent source of calcium, iron and antioxidants; its consumption enhances bone density in children and older people alike. Soaking Kaunch Beej seeds overnight before having them the following morning for consumption helps pregnant and lactating women stimulate milk production and balance hormones naturally while improving digestion to relieve bloating, acidity and flatulence symptoms.

9. Controls High Blood Pressure

Kaunch beej is an abundant natural source of calcium that strengthens bones in children while also restoring optimal bone density in adults, relieving symptoms associated with osteoporosis and relieving symptoms associated with osteoporosis. Furthermore, this Guru/Balaya product offers additional strength.

Balanced Nutrition’s balancing property reduces weakness and fatigue associated with diabetes mellitus, while its L-dopa content converts into dopamine, helping control tremors and stiffness associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Lactating mothers may find this supplement particularly helpful as its Ushna potency increases milk production, though those suffering from peptic ulcers and gastric irritation should avoid its consumption due to Ushna potency.

10. Controls High Blood Sugar

Kaunch beej is an excellent source of dietary fibres, proteins, iron, calcium, antioxidants and vitamins – not to mention it is gluten-free making it safe to eat by those living with celiac disease.

According to Ayurveda, Kaunch seeds and powder nourish the reproductive organs while stimulating sexual energy and increasing sexual energy in men. Furthermore, Kaunch acts as a natural aphrodisiac that keeps normal sperm counts high.

As it contains amino acid typtophan, which increases serotonin levels in the brain and can help combat insomnia and anxiety, as well as being rich in iron content, it may be used to treat anaemia.

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