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Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure Vs. Quadrant Shower Enclosure – What’s the Difference?

Bathrooms have become an important place for both aesthetics and functionality in every household. Therefore, the focus is to make it a modern and stylish space. With style becoming a top priority, shower enclosures are now a preferred choice for most homeowners. It has become more popular over time in the UK. It is because these more popular than bathing due to ease of use and aesthetics. If you plan to install a cubicle, you will come across various shapes and sizes. Among them, one of the choices is an offset quadrant shower enclosure. It can be a great choice for most bathrooms where style and functionality are a priority while having some extra space. 

What is an Offset Quadrat Shower Enclosure?

The offset quadrant shower enclosure is a standard quadrant shower enclosure variation. However, one side is larger than the other rather than equal to a standard quadrant enclosure. That makes it a bit bigger and requires some extra space on the floor. So, technically it is a square shape combined with a quadrant front. It offers almost similar benefits as the quadrant cubicle, with some extra room to make your shower experience more comfortable. These are available in frameless, single door, or double door design options. 

When Should You Prefer an Offset Shower Enclosure? 

Generally, a standard shower enclosure is fitted in the bathroom corners. Its offset variation is also a suitable choice for corner fitting. However, a standard quadrant enclosure is a top choice for small bathrooms due to its space-saving design. An offset type still offers space-saving but will require a bit more space in the bathroom due to the bigger size. Such a design aims to let you enjoy a luxurious shower experience. 

Door Style Options for an Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure. 

The choice of shower door is an important consideration for every shower enclosure. Not all type of doors is suitable for a shower enclosure. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider your shower door options. As you will be ordering the shower door with an offset quadrant enclosure, it is important to know which door fits best with it. You generally can fit either a sliding door or a hinged shower door with this type of cubicle. If the available space is less, then a sliding door option will be the best choice for it. It is because there will be no clearance space required when opening and closing the door. That is what you will need for a small bathroom. Another choice is hinged or swinging or hinged doors that open outwards, requiring clearance space. It is a good option for the relatively large spacious bathroom. 

Advantages of Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

An offset quadrant shower enclosure is a great choice due to following reasons.

  • Spacious Shower Experience. The first reason you will want an offset quadrant shower enclosure is when you wish for a spacious shower experience, even in a relatively small bathroom, because an offset quadrant shower enclosure is bigger and offers more room to shower. 
  • Corner Fitting. The bathroom corner is such a space in the bathroom that it remains empty in most cases. However, utilizing it can be incredibly helpful if you want to save space. However, not all shower enclosures can be suitable for such corner fitting. An offset enclosure is the only choice other than a standard quadrant enclosure that can fit perfectly in the bathroom corners. 
  • Aesthetics. Another reason why so many people love the curved front design enclosure is that it is highly attractive. Another thing that you will notice about it is that such designs are unique, and that different offer looks in comparison to other shower enclosure shapes. 
  • Easy Coordinated Looks. A modern bathroom needs to have coordinated looks. However, you will need fittings and fixtures that offer similar looks to ensure it. Since the offset quadrant shower enclosure has a round shape, it is easier to match with a round toilet, round sink, and even bathtub. It all together creates a highly attractive-looking bathroom.
  • Extensive Size Options.   While most of the offset quadrant shower enclosures are space savers, you can also fit them in medium and large bathrooms. There is the availability of extensive sizes ranging from 700mm to 1200mm available in the market. It caters to the needs of various bathroom sizes and layouts. 
  • Glass Option. You can turn your shower enclosure into exactly the one that you are looking for by simply choosing your preferred glass option. For example, if you prefer privacy, you can opt for frosted glass with a pattern design over it. Otherwise, transparent glass with 6mm width is the most common option for most bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts.  

The quadrant shower enclosures are inevitably a top choice for most bathrooms, but when you have some extra space available, its offset shape can make your shower experience much better and space aesthetically pleasing. So, if space is not too much concern, why not spare a few inches for a much better shower experience with an offset cubicle. 

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