What Is The Best Way To Do Oversized Shirt Style? 9 Best Ways to Wear Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirt style takes a certain amount of guts to pull off, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can be one of the most stylish and comfortable outfits ever.

Oversized shirts are perfect for layering over an outfit that needs a little extra something or just throwing on when you want to add some polish without much fuss or thought. They add interest and texture, and we love them. Here is a style guide for an oversized shirt.

What kind of oversized shirt should you choose for style?

This is the essential step in wearing an oversized coat successfully. You need to pick the right kind of shirt. We recommend sticking with lighter, soft fabrics that drape well and soften your features. Think cotton, silk, rayon, Tencel.

Is it possible to style an oversized T-shirt?

Technically yes! It is worth wearing a t-shirt when you could wear an oversized button-down instead, maybe if it’s something extraordinary like a tie-dye or peace print.

What is the best way to make an oversized shirt look better than it already does?

Add some layers under it! Throwing on a denim jacket underneath goes a long way towards individuality to this outfit trick, and you know how we love originality.

Nine Best Oversized Shirt Styles

Here are some styles to inspire your take on the oversized shirt look.

1. Oversized shirt with pattern

This is one of the best styles for wearing an oversized top with a lot of personality. It’s casual but still, put together. This works great over jeans or leggings, so it’s perfect for those days when you’re running around town between errands. Or just lazy Sunday afternoons where you need to leave the house but don’t feel like putting much effort into it at all – especially now that summer is here! Next time, the one thing that I should do differently is maybe go for a color other than black, but only because the heavy contrast between this top and my natural skin tone can make me look washed out sometimes.

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2. Classic button-down chic

If you want to step up an outfit with an oversized shirt, adding a classic button-down underneath is the way to go. You’ve got all of the comforts of an oversized shirt, but now you also have that ‘ah cool’ factor that comes from being able to style something so well. This does take some extra effort, mostly just finding the right fitting tee or button-down that works with your body type, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

3. Striped oversized shirt style

This is another excellent example of how playing with layering can take an outfit that might have otherwise been boring or casual and turn it into something extraordinary. I love that all of the pieces are just regular basics white tee, blue button-down, khaki shorts – but put together, they’re anything but basic. The secret? The striped shirt on top. Stripey tops are so fun, playful, and unique, so they instantly give this simple outfit a whole new twist.

4. An oversized shirt with the grunge look

If you want to keep it casual with big shirts, following the grunge look with an oversized shirt is a great choice. This is perfect for the days when you want to play up your grungy side, whether it’s from too little sleep or just being low on inspiration.

Throw on some ripped jeans, get cozy with a beanie and thick sweater, and slip into your favorite boots that have seen better days. As far as your top goes, not many matters except that it’s big enough to cover everything else you’re wearing underneath even if it has holes in it. If you can’t find a single oversized shirt that fits this description, then a flannel works just as well.

5. Tucked in oversized shirt style

If you love the comfort of an oversized shirt but don’t feel like spending a single day lounging around the house tonight, why not try taking your oversized shirt and layering it with a button-down underneath? You’ve got all of that same cozy comfort, but now you can take this outfit to the next level by adding work-appropriate attire. An oversized shirt is surprisingly versatile from daytime casual to dressy evening wear when you add another pop of color, like this classic white button-down underneath.

6. All tied-up oversized shirt

Surprise! Big shirts can be put together incredibly if you play your cards right. It doesn’t hurt that wearing an oversized shirt makes the perfect excuse for tying up my favorite flannel in a knot. Even better, you don’t need to take the time to style your hair or put on any makeup. Just slip into your bulkiest sweater (it hides all of those lumps and bumps), grab some leggings (to make sure this look is comfortable), and finish off with your favorite sneakers for an outfit that’s ready whenever you are – whether it’s for class or just hanging out with friends.

7. Baggy tee look oversized shirt style

If oversized shirts are too big even for you, consider trying out the baggier look instead. This is great if you want to keep things casual without looking sloppy. Plus, it lets you play around with different lengths of shirts underneath, depending on the look you’re going for.

For example, if you want to wear one of your oversized shirts as a dress, try pairing it with some fluffy socks and ankle boots to make sure that nothing is hanging out and looking weird. If you want to layer an even longer top underneath, try tying up your shirt in a way that brings attention to all of those glorious layers beneath.

8. The belted tee oversized shirt style

Looking for the perfect compromise between comfort and style? Try wearing an oversized shirt but belt it at your natural waist instead. This not only gives you back support (and therefore keeps your posture better), but it also helps keep everything else tucked into place so that you don’t end up looking like a sack of potatoes the next time you bend over. The best part about this outfit is that you can feel cute and put together without dealing with all of the pressure of trying to look perfect.

9. Double shirt combo style

Oversized shirts are the key to looking stylish, but it’s important not to forget about your accessories! If your shirt isn’t quite long enough (or if you feel like this outfit could use some more contrast), try tucking in one of your favorite graphic tees underneath. Then you can either leave both shirts hanging out or tie them together by wearing a waist belt on top – whatever works best for you. Now all that’s left is to slip into something comfy (like sweatpants or leggings, and you’re ready to go out and about, even if you want to grab a drink with your friends.


Why is shirt size important for oversized shirts?

Shirt size is essential when ordering online or offline. You need to know if you will be happy with the size and fit of the shirt before buying them because returning it will cost you a lot of time and money. Therefore we recommend that you read this article completely before placing your next order.

Do I need to follow specific measurements?

No, but we recommend you do not buy a size bigger than your original shirt size because the shirt might be too large for you, making it very difficult to look stylish in it. We also recommend that you read our article about matching colors properly before placing your next order. And finally, if you are not sure what size to buy, we recommend that you go one size bigger than your original shirt size.

How can I understand my correct measurements?

If you don’t know what your correct measurements are – there is no other way to take some of them with a measuring tape. Would you please follow the instructions we provide in our article about shirt measurements?

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