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Refreshing Mood With Unique Candle Boxes

The history of candles is not very clear but it dates back to some 9000 years ago.  A little is known about the origin of candles. Yet, this source of light originated from Egypt and Rome. Romans used to melt beeswax and animal fat to create candles.

Researchers have also found out that people used to make candles from substances obtained from plants. Moreover, some substance from the whale was used in lighting the flame of the candle.

Burning Candles on Religious Occasions

A few ceremonies in the Jewish religion centers on the burning of candles. People would pray and burn candles as a symbol of their devotion.

Importance of the First Burn of the Candle

When you light a candle, you have to let it burn enough for the first time. Why is that so? The reason is that the upper layer of the candle has to burn enough to melt to become even for the next time. It’s take few hours. It depends on the size and quality of the candle.   

Do You Know What Old Tallow Candles Are?

Now, this is an interesting fact, some candles were edible. Miners were supposed to eat candles while working in case they got stuck in the mines while working. In the worst days for instance during the Famine, starving people used to survive on candles that were made from animal wax.

Growing Demand for Candles in the Market

The production of candles is increasing with each passing day. According to statistics, the global demand for candles is expected to increase further along with Candle Boxes.

Don’t Freeze Your Candles

A very common mistake that a lot of people living in comparatively hotter regions do. They think by freezing the candles before lightening them will enhance the intensity, though this concept is false. By doing so the candles can crack.

What Are The Advantages Of Scented Candles?

Burning scented candles on dinners is a very common practice. Our sense of taste somehow has a connection with the sense of smell. Hence, be careful while selecting the scent for dinners. In addition, candles help in refreshing the mood and reviving old memories. It even helps in dealing with nauseous feelings and pain.

Moreover, scented candles help in creating a productive mode so you can relax refresh the mood, and help in creativity in work. Candles are not good only for your mental state but create a nice atmosphere while acting as a decoration piece.

Always Go For Natural Scents

Candles made from Paraffin can cause various skin allergies and their fumes can result in respiratory issues. Hence, be aware of the ingredients used in your candles and choose natural scents for candles.

Natural scents are always therapeutic while on the other hand synthetic scents may cause headaches and different kinds of allergies. Scented candles not only improve the mood but help in the creation of a peaceful atmosphere.

Therapeutic Candles

Studies conducted on people with certain medical conditions have shown that either scented candles or candles, in general, have therapeutic properties. They help in releasing stress and anxiety and improve the quality of life.

The notion of healing and obtaining medical advantages through the extraction of oils is called Aromatherapy. Each scent has a different reaction. It is used for healing purposes and either to treat or improve the mental state.

The Right Sort of Packaging Is Necessary

Appearance matters! Customers generally go for the candle boxes that are appealing. Candles may look very fragile but they are not that delicate. There can be multiple options for storing and transporting or either shipping candles i.e. Tuck end box, sleeve Box, Display Box, etc. 

Promote Your Brand through Attractive Labels

To promote your brand in the current competitive market, you need to put attractive labels and colorful coatings on the candle boxes. This can be very affordable if you go for the right custom product packaging company.

Additional features will enhance the display of custom candle boxes i.e. Embossing and Spot UV.

Matte coating in custom candle boxes gives a classy look and does not shine. You may also go with a relatively shiny coating and opt for a Glossy look. The material used for custom candle boxes should be strong enough to maintain its shape.

If you need to ship a large number of custom printed candle boxes along with the product inside, then the best way to do so is by filling the boxes with void fillers. Though the ideal box must be designed to accommodate a candle perfectly.

It is so important to know if the customers need to keep wax candles or glassed candles inside the custom-made candle boxes because the material will be designed accordingly. Customers who place an order for custom candle boxes normally get all the information beforehand. They are given the option to get proof before placing multiple orders in bulk.

The right choice of company is crucial that is cost-effective and delivers orders on time. Late deliveries often result in poor ratings and clients do not get the satisfaction that they deserve.

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