Guide for resolving QuickBooks Error 6105?

When using QuickBooks desktop, error 6105 is quite commonly encountered by users. This error usually shows up when the company files get damaged. We will discuss this error elaborately and go through the various aspects associated with this error. By the end of this article, we will make sure that we aid you with effective steps for resolving QuickBooks Error 6105.

Causes that lead for resolving QuickBooks Error 6105

  • QuickBooks being unable to locate your company file.
  • The server may not be authenticated, therefore leading to this QuickBooks error.
  • An incomplete QuickBooks installation may also provoke this error code in QuickBooks.

Method of Resolving QuickBooks Error 6105

It’s now time to visit the various methods for troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 6105. Go through each of these methods very carefully.

1st Method: Reinstalling QuickBooks

It is advisable that users get their QuickBooks Desktop uninstalled and then again install the accounting software on their systems. Follow the directions given under:

  • To start off, move to the Control Panel and then move to Programs and Features.
  • At this stage, the user has to opt for QuickBooks and then hit on the Uninstall option.
resolving QuickBooks Error 6105
  • Now, wait for the process to finish. Once it does, restart your computer and reinstall QuickBooks again.
  • You will need the license and product keys this time round.
  • Now, start QuickBooks and check if the issue got solved.

2nd Method: Renaming the .TLG file

resolving QuickBooks Error 6105

Renaming the transaction log (.TLG) files can also rectify this error. For this, the user is required to visit the original folder of QuickBooks. This can be accomplished easily by right-clicking on the QuickBooks Desktop icon and then hitting on properties. After that, choose Open File Location.

Now, in this folder, look for.TLG file. Once located, you are supposed to rename the same by right-clicking the file and then hitting on Rename. Now, add .old at the end of the filename.

The last step involves opening the QuickBooks Desktop again and looking if the error 6105 still shows up.

3rd Method: Running QuickBooks as an admin

In certain situations, running the QuickBooks application as an administrator can resolve the QuickBooks Error 6105. Proceed as follows:

  • Right-click on the desktop icon of QuickBooks and then tap on the Run as admin option.
resolving QuickBooks Error 6105
  • Now, check if the issue still keeps pervading. If it still exists, then, in that case, follow the next method.

4th Method: Move the QuickBooks Company file to another location

To perform this step, you are required to visit the original folder of QuickBooks by right-clicking on the desktop icon of QuickBooks and then opting for Properties. Within properties, opt for Open file location.

This option will directly take you to the QuickBooks directory, wherein you will need to locate the company files, copy them (by pressing Ctrl + C keys together) and paste them into a new desktop folder. Now, launch QuickBooks once again and then open this newly copied company file.

5th Method: Try accessing the Company file in the Safe Mode option

In this method, the user needs to restart the system and then keep hitting the F8 key till the Advanced Boot Options window shows up. Once it does, opt for Safe Mode with Networking.

resolving QuickBooks Error 6105

Now, wait for the Desktop to show up. Afterward, launch QuickBooks again and open your company file this time around to check if the issue got resolved.

6th Method: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • You need to copy the particular company file to your desktop.
  • Try to open the file in QuickBooks Software.
  • After that rename the .TLG file and restart QuickBooks desktop.
  • We hope that the QuickBooks Error Code 6150 got uprooted after following the steps entailed in this method.

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Winding Up!

It is time to wind up. Hopefully, the methods mentioned herein should be able to assist users in resolving QuickBooks Error code 6105. However, you can take help from our QuickBooks error support team by dialing our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. They will be more happy to help you.


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