Sewing Machines: Best Sewing Machines for Leather in 2021


As more and more people explore their creative side and start their own businesses, choosing the best machine has become a necessity. Working with the right sewing machine, whether it is for home or professional use, is paramount to the successful creation of a product that is fuss-free and creative.

There is no doubt that leather is one of the most difficult fabrics to work with. The following list is designed to help you make a decision on the best machine for your needs.

Do you need a walking foot when sewing leather?

It is not necessary to use a walking foot when sewing leather, but it does make the process easier.

The less sticking and marking of leather you have, the better. Teflon or non-stick feet work best for feeding the dog – these are available for industrial machines.

What are the best sewing machine for leather in 2021?

1. Machine for heavy sewing Janome HD3000:

With regards to sewing machines, Janome is an industry leader. An ideal machine for both domestic and industrial use, this is a highly versatile machine. Although it is quite adept at sewing leather of middle to lightweight, it is most commonly used for sewing silk, chiffon, lycra, and denim.

Ideally suited for beginners who want to create smaller projects, this mechanical machine is durable and versatile. It can also be used by professionals. This machine produces high-quality work because of its accurate stitches.


One-piece aluminum casting provides strength to the Janome HD3000. The presser feet are Snap-On. A dial at the foot of the presser allows you to adjust the pressure. Fabric of all kinds can be stitched with it. When sewing light clothing with one or two pressure dials, and three for sewing everyday clothing, change the dial to one. You can cover rolled hems, blind hems, zippers, trimmings, and buttonholes with the presser foot.

With this arm, you can adjust how tight or lose you want it. It is easy to access the free arm after sliding off the storage compartment. Sewing shirt sleeves and pants legs is much easier this way. Your machine is equipped with a protective hardcover to ensure it suffers the least amount of wear and tear, and it is easy to move around while still having all the necessary parts at your disposal.

It includes a high-speed rotary hook bobbin system that prevents jamming. When the bobbin is dropped into place, a transparent plastic housing covers the bobbin place so that you can see how much thread you still have left. Threads can be changed easily. Besides the bobbin holder, there is a storage compartment where all your sewing supplies can be kept.

This heavy-duty sewing machine from Janome is what we like about it:

You can adjust the foot pressure and foot lift with this machine to sew leather evenly. Vertical spool stems may have problems. In the past, users have experienced difficulties winding the bobbin because the stem failed to provide consistent tension.

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2. Sewing machine ST371HD from Brothers:

In addition to the six sewing feet, the Brother ST371HD also comes with six presser feet, which can be attached easily. In addition to advanced stitches and common ones, it has 37 built-in stitches, including blind hems, stretch stitches, zigzag stitches, decorative stitches, and reinforcement stitches. You can insert many layers without any issues if you want the feet to have additional height.

Also, you can perform free-motion sewing easily using the drop-feed feature. This machine measures 800 SPM and has quite a bit of speed. Commercial sewers may find this to be somewhat limiting, but most hobbyists or enthusiasts are able to work within this range. With the half-automatic needle threaded, you can save lots of time using this sewing machine. While it is not entirely automated, it still operates largely under machine control, making it quite convenient.

By providing smoother fabric feeding, the metal needle plate provides an effective foundation. The plastic needle plate that comes with most other machines in the same price range is not included with this machine. Selecting your stitches is a breeze with the Stitch selector feature. Under the selector, you will see a dial knob with the stitch design dial when you turn the dial to the right number. Top drop-in bobbins offer easy placement and removal, as well as jam-resistant operation.

A portion of the base can be removed if the default surface of the machine is flatbed. This will allow you to expose the free arm. The cuffs of the sleeve, the sleeves, and the tiny and tricky seams on clothes for babies go smoothly when sewing with this technique.

This sewing machine has many nice features that we like:

A limited 25-year warranty is provided on the Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, which includes a one-year warranty on parts, labor, and accessories. Therefore, you don’t have to find a mending shop whenever there is a problem because they will handle it for you. The needle can slip or break on first use, which has happened to some sewers. Replace it instead of repairing because it is cheaper.

3. Sewing machine SINGER 4423:

Singer 4423 is a reliable and inexpensive machine that is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. For beginners or budget-conscious people, it’s an excellent machine. The performance of this machine is excellent. The motor on it is powerful enough to penetrate through solid objects.

A thick seam can be done quickly and easily. I don’t care how experienced you are in stitching. The kit includes some versatile and easy-to-use sewing accessories. Provides users with great results and works at a fast speed.
Infrared sewing machines such as the SINGER 4423 measure 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches and weigh 14.5 pounds. It can be slowed down by carefully maneuvering it. 

You can also thread the needle with the automatic needle threaded without straining your eyes or wasting time. This machine also has an impressive 1,100 SPM sewing speed, making projects faster. With the stronger motor, thick seams will be pierced directly, without needing to resort to cutting.

With a stainless steel bed frame and a heavy-duty metal interior frame, this Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine reflects the same quality and builds that is evident in the Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine. Its high-speed motor enables it to sew at high speed, making it an extremely durable machine. As a result, it is ideally suited for sewing through heavyweight fabrics.

Easy-to-load bobbins can be dropped in from the top, easily hidden by the cover. The bobbin can be loaded from the top, making insertion easy. The bobbin thread supply can be monitored through a clear cover. Heavy fabrics are accommodated easily due to the presser foot lift’s extra-high height. With the included needle threaded, you can thread the needle easily and quickly. The threading guides are located on the top of the machine to ensure that you remember how to do it.

Additional leather sewing accessories are available for this machine. In this case, a walking presser foot with an even-feed is ideal for working with real leather which costs more than faux leather. Walking feet have their own feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machines other feed dogs. Their combined force ensures accurate seaming by keeping leather under a constant grip.

The SUGER 4423 sewing machine has several things we like:

It also has a 25 Year Limited Warranty, in addition to its extras and smart features. A PDF document attached below in technical specifications for manuals is also included for reference, as well as videos for reference.

Some countries, such as the UK, might not be able to use the machine because of its wattage. A machine that uses more UK Watts is also more likely to burn out. The lack of conversion makes the machine inconvenient for users.

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