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Shield Hero Season 2: Cast, Plot, Release date and All Other Info

There are at least eleven new isekai anime series debuting this year, along with several series returning from previous seasons. Some have come and gone without much attention, while others are only remembered as poor examples.

In these films, the genre’s strengths are demonstrated or new aspects are introduced. During The Rising of the Shield Hero’s first season, both were done, and fans loved it. But what about the second season?

The rising of Shield hero:

It is the sixth installment of Aneko Yusagi’s Japanese isekai light novel series, ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ (Japanese: Hepburn: Tate no Y*sha no Nariagari). Seira Minami has illustrated the expanded story-line for Media Factory’s version of the series, originally published on the user-generated novel site Sh*setsuka Ni Nar*. By the end of June 2019, twenty-two volumes would have been published.

In November 2020, seventeen volumes of the novel series will be released by Media Factory, based on adaptations by Aiya Ky*. Beginning in September 2015, One Peace Books published both the novel and manga series in North America. Adapted by Kinema Citrus, the TV show premiered from January through June 2019 and consisted of 25 episodes. In April 2022, DR Movie will co-produce a second season. It has also been announced that a third season will be released.

The rising of Shield Hero season 1:

It is the sixth installment of Aneko Yusagi’s Japanese isekai light novel series, ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ (Japanese: Hepburn: Tate no Y*sha no Nariagari). Sierra Minami has illustrated the expanded story-line for Media Factory’s version of the series, originally published on the user-generated novel site Sh*setsuka Ni Nar*. Twenty-two volumes were published by June 25, 2019.

The Japanese youth Naofumi Iwatani along with three others from parallel universes were summoned into a parallel world to become the world’s Cardinal Heroes and battle huge waves of inter-dimensional creatures called Waves. Legendary equipment was possessed by each hero when they were summoned. The Legendary Shield was given to Naofumi, the sole defensive weapon, while the other heroes received swords, spears, and bows, those meant to be used for assault.

Season 2 of Shield Hero

After “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 1 ended last year, fans immediately wondered when Season 2 would be available. It won’t be long before it premieres, fortunately for them. Aneko Yusagi wrote the light novels that became the basis of the anime adaptation of Isekai’s dark fantasy.

A parallel world is reborn through a mysterious otaku man, Naofumi Iwatami, who is equipped with a legendary shield as his weapon and selected as one of the Cardinal Heroes. Waves are hordes of monsters that he and the other Cardinal Heroes must fight. When his partner falsely accuses Naofumi of sexual assault, the situation takes a turn for Naofumi. It takes Naofumi most of the series both to defeat the Waves and to regain public respect.

Because it uses sexual assault as a plot point, Anime News Network and CBR created controversy over ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ among anime fans and reviewers. Nonetheless, viewers seemed to enjoy the first season of the series. Manga and anime sales were even boosted significantly by Crunchyroll’s anime series.  It was inevitable that another season would be made since the series was so successful.

We’ve got a lot to know about Season 2 so far, with its release imminent.
Update, July 22, 2021: Season 2 will air in 2022. This article has been updated accordingly.

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When will Shield Hero Season 2 be released?

Finally, after the “Kadokawa Expo 2020,” when Season 2 will air in October 2021, the release date window became even shorter. A Tweet from Crunchyroll confirms streaming is happening. In the United States, they aired the first season. Season 2 will now air in 2022, much to the chagrin of fans. The last date available was July 2021.

Aneko Yusagi is the author of the light novels of the same name that served as the basis for the anime series Rising of the Shield Hero. The company is headed by Masato Jibo rising of the Sheild 2.  Season 1 was directed by Takao Abo. The character designs for the second series were created by Masahiro Suwa and the composition was handled by Keigo Koyanagi. The music was composed by Kevin Penkin.

Who are the characters of Shield Hero season 2?

In addition to showing what adventures Naofumi and his party will be undertaking in Season 2, “The Rising of the Shield Hero”‘s Season 2 trailer also revealed a few cast members. Many voices from Season 1 will appear in Season 2 as early reports indicate.  

On August 5-7, 2021, the Crunchyroll Expo will meet virtually, with Ishikawa, Seto, and Hidaka speaking at the panel (via ComicBook.com). The series’ future and characters will be revealed then.

Several production changes were also hinted at in the trailer for Season 2. For this season, Takao Abo is being replaced as director by Masato Jinbo. The series’ animation studio on Season 1 was Kinema Citrus; for Season 2, they’ll work with DR Movie from South Korea. Kevin Penkin, the composer of the soundtrack, will return as well as Masahiro Suwa, the designer of the anime characters.

What is the plot of Shield Hero Season 2?

As of this writing, there’s no official plot synopsis for the second season of “The Rising of the Shield Hero.”. Yet, the official trailer appears to show that as of right now, the second season will essentially pick up where the last one left off. The series’ inaugural episode ended with Naofumi fighting against Glass, also from a far-off world but known as the Fan Hero. The Waves and the Cardinal Heroes are somehow connected, according to Glass. As a result of her belief that the destruction of the Cardinal Heroes will stop the hordes of monsters, her world will be saved. The season ends with Glass retreating, so we might see her more in season two.

It is also probable that Naofumi will continue to travel beyond the borders of the kingdom. Naofumi and the other heroes were originally unaware of the existence of other nations in the kingdom where they were transported. They have received no assistance when it comes to dealing with the Waves. The first season is coming to an end, so we’ll see how Naofumi’s departure impacts the remainder of this parallel universe.

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