Side Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps -You Need to know

Are salt lamps safe?  Some negative ions in the air adsorb pollutants and temporarily remove them, but the long-term effects of too many negative ions have not yet been determined or studied. Conversely, contaminants adhering to salt can be released into the air when exposed to water or high humidity.

Molds and bacteria:

If the salt in Himalayan Salt lamps is not cleaned regularly, it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. These microorganisms enter the air when the heat from the lamp dries out the salt and can cause health respiratory problems for people with allergies and asthma.

High humidity in the room:

When salt lamps are turned on for a long time in a small room,  the humidity in the room increases. This can lead to problems such as mold and mildew. If you live in a region with high humidity, you may want to turn off the salt lamp while you are away.


Salt lamps should not be used indoors near stoves or heaters, as their surface can crack when heated too much.

White salt lamps are usually advertised as having the cleanest vibration. They are brittle. Without minerals, they become brittle and consequently break down. There are also white Himalayan salt lamps, but they are rare and expensive.

Do salt lamps still break? If the lamp touches the sides during installation, it can overheat and break. So make sure that the bulb does not hit the sides when inserted.

They are quite heavy:

Heavy salt lamps should not be placed where small children can reach them, as there is a risk that small children will knock them over and break the bulb, causing injury or fire.

Easily covered with dust:

Salt lamps should be cleaned regularly, as they are susceptible to dust and can cause allergies.


If the salt lamp is placed too close to a TV or computer screen, problems with black lines or screen interference may occur. Place the salt lamp at least 1 meter away from electronic devices such as TVs, computers and tablets.

Salt causes corrosion:

Salt lamps contain water. When the salt gets wet, it crumbles from the bulb and makes holes in the surface it’s on. And if the surface is metal, rust forms.

In humid areas, they let water in:

One may wonder why salt lamps leak water. This is because they are often found in damp areas. At this point, it may seem that the water is leaking, but this is not the case. Water near salt lamps can cause electrical problems, which can be very bad. Therefore, to avoid this, salt lamps should be placed in a moisture-proof place and away from kitchens and bathrooms.

How can you determine if a salt lamp is authentic?

First,  whether there is a label or not. If there is no label, the salt lamp may be a fake or imported from China, where the quality is cheap and unclean. Check the lamp by wiping it with a damp cloth. If the cloth changes color, salt will remain on it, and the lamp will appear to be weeping. In other words, the salt lamp is authentic.

Will salt lamps damage electronic equipment?

Salt lamps do not damage electronic equipment. If they are too close, they may cause black lines or screen interference, but if they are within one meter, there will be no problem.

Do salt lamps melt? Salt lamps emit water, but if you put them in a damp place, this water can seep into electronic components and cause them to malfunction.

Are salt lamps harmful to cats?

Do salt lamps harm cats, can salt lamps kill cats? Salt lamps can soothe us, but they can also harm our pets. Salt is good for small licks, but if pets eat it or lick it constantly, it can cause problems. Please keep salt lamps out of reach of pets.

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