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Strategies for Alabama Contractors License Continuing Education: Achieving the Mandatory 6 Hours

Alabama is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, but it is also known for having strict homebuilder continuing education requirements. To work as a contractor in Alabama, one must obtain an Alabama Contractors License. This license demonstrates that the individual has met the state’s requirements regarding experience, education, exams, and legal compliance. Let’s look deeper into the key steps and considerations for this licensing process.

Scope of Work

Under state regulations, an Alabama contractors license permits the construction or proposition of residential structures not exceeding four stories in height and limited to no more than four distinct residences, with a cost threshold of over $10,000. This encompasses individuals and businesses interested in constructing single-family dwellings or quadplex structures.


To be eligible for this license, several requirements must be fulfilled:

Experience and Education

Applicants can include details of relevant education and work experience when applying. This helps the licensing board determine the level and scope of work the applicant is qualified to perform.

Applicants must designate a qualifying party, register their business with Alabama Secretary of State, provide general liability insurance proof, and submit a current financial statement.


These exams are a critical part of the licensing process, ensuring the applicant’s knowledge and skills meet the state’s standards. The Alabama HBLB Skill Exam focuses on practical skills and construction knowledge. At the same time, the Business and Law Exam assesses understanding the legal and financial aspects of running a construction business. You must score at least 70%.


The two required exams are:

1. Alabama HBLB Skill Exam – 80 multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hours, open book. Topics include plans reading, site work, concrete, masonry, carpentry, and more.

2. Alabama HBLB Business and Law Exam – 40 multiple choice questions over 2 hours, open book. Topics involve business organization, contracts, estimating, financial management, and legal/regulatory issues.

Exam Preparation

Thorough preparation is essential to passing these exams. Applicants can purchase an online exam prep course that covers all topics, provides practice questions, and highlights the key points in each reference book.

Several open-book references are permitted, including codes, study guides, and contracting manuals. Color-coded permanent tabs make it easy to locate important sections quickly. Practice tests mimic the real exam experience.

Applying for the License

After completing all steps above, applicants submit their application to the Alabama Home Builders Licensing Board along with applicable fees. With assistance from a licensing specialist, this final step can be smoothly navigated. Just be patient and don’t leave it to the last minute.

Continuing Education

To maintain this license, six hours of continuing education are required every two years. Topics should help builders stay current on industry trends, best practices, and building code updates. Examples include courses on energy efficiency, green building techniques, construction safety, and contract law.

Why Choose RocketCert?

RocketCert offers a comprehensive solution for exam prep and state licensing needs. Their Alabama contractors license online course, bundle packages, and customer support simplify the process. Key advantages include lifetime access, expert training developers, and rapid responses to any questions. When it comes to preparing for the mandatory 6 hours of continuing education, RocketCert has you covered.


Adhering to Alabama’s requirements and utilizing the best resources available will optimize the chances of gaining a Alabama contractors license on the first attempt. RocketCert’s affordable and effective solutions make licensing an achievable goal. You will not only meet the mandatory 6-hour continuing education requirement but will also gain valuable knowledge to succeed in the public contracting industry.

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