The Best Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy

Taking care of your body and preventing illness is vital irrespective of how aged you are. If you’re 60 or older, however, even simple flu or cold can escalate and cause complications. These include secondary infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections. A respiratory illness can exacerbate chronic problems such as diabetes or asthma. Hence, healthy choices are crucial for strengthening your immune system and reducing the likelihood of illness.

Below are a few ways Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy all year long and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Engage in physical activity

The immune system is boosted by physical activity. You can fight inflammation and infections better if you move more. Taking part in an activity does not need to be strenuous. Low-impact exercises can also be performed.

It may be a good idea to engage in some low-impact aerobics, such as biking, cycling, walking, swimming, meditation, or yoga. Try to exercise for 15 to 20 minutes a day, if possible, to reach 120 minutes a week of moderate intensityTrusted Source. Lift weights or do yoga to strengthen your muscles.

You may need to take supplements

A healthy immune system can be maintained with the support of specific supplements. If you’re taking prescription medication, ask your doctor if a supplement is safe to take.  Vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Calcium, vitamin D and are some supplements they may recommend. As directed by your doctor, you can boost your immunity by taking supplements or multivitamins as directed.

Maintain a healthy diet

Your immune system will also be boosted by a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. As a result of fruit and vegetable consumption, antioxidants can be found. In order to keep your body healthy and prevent cellular damage, you need antioxidants in your diet. Whenever you reduce your intake of sugary and fatty foods, you can lower your immune system. Sugary and fatty foods trigger inflammation in the body.

Keep your hands clean at all times

In addition to regularly washing your hands, one of the most effective ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy year-round is by doing so regularly. Up to 24 hours can pass before a virus dies on a surface. After touching a virus-infected surface, you can spread the virus to your face if you touch your face after you have touched it.

You should clean your hands periodically and for around 15-25 seconds. Your nose, face, and mouth should not be touched with your hands. You can use antibacterial hand sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands. Maintain a clean workstation and home by disinfecting frequently.

Managing stress is important

The hormone of stress cortisol is released by the body’s physique when you experience chronic stress. It has been shown that high levels of cortisol can disrupt the immune system, among other things. Set reasonable expectations for yourself, reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, and engage in relaxing, enjoyable activities.

Take plenty of rest

Not only does sleep reduce stress, but it also allows your body to heal itself. By getting enough sleep at night, your body can fight viruses more effectively, thus strengthening your immune system. In addition to improving memory and concentration, sleep is also essential as we age. Sleep about nine to ten and a half hours at night. Find out what’s causing your sleep problems by speaking with your doctor. Too much caffeine and inactivity during the day can contribute to insomnia. A restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea can also cause this sensation. It is recommended that elderly people use rocking chair for relaxation because it provide more comfort than other chairs.

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