The Most Dramatic and Incredible Super Yachts still Unsettled – Super yachts 2023 in process!

Today we will tell you about the bulkiest and heroic record breaking yachts under construction, they are incredibly luxurious vessels built with the latest modern technologies. The owners are very wealthy and the super yachts are built according to their personal needs with high end luxuries like contra-jet pools, beach clubs, bars, helipads, exotic exteriors and enigmatic interiors. The list takes you on a tour of the most outstanding super yachts due for completion in 2023.

1.      Oceanco Y721

The Oceanco sailing yacht Y721 is being decked up to be the world’s largest sailing yacht when delivered. International media says that the hull Y721 is being built at Oceanco, commissioned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to be the largest super yachts of the Netherlands. She is a three-masted schooner with a bowsprit, an elegant black hull and an exemplary exterior hull.

2.    Galactica


Due for delivery in 2022, at 80.07 metres with a top speed of 29 knots, an all-aluminium motor yacht with conventional propeller propulsion system would be the world’s largest and fastest super yachts of all time, designs inside by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design and exteriors by British Studio Winch Design.

Some of the key features of Galactica are the magnificent helicopter landing pad for a Eurocopter EC135 that revamps into an outdoor cinema with astounding effects, the lower deck is connected to sun deck with a crystal elevator flaunts a mod look, a stunning seven-metre glass bottomed swimming pool with jets that allows a continuous swimming experience combined with a waterfall, an exotic beach club paired with a sunken walk-around bar and spacious side platforms. It features a “muscular and timeless” exterior styling that you cannot resist witnessing.

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3.      Project Black Shark

Project Black Shark

Project Black shark, a 77metre luxurious super yacht  alias Project 793 that features three decks is a real beauty with sharp bold lines that form the exterior profile. The entire black exterior resembles the skin of the black shark and the mast is pointedly designed to resemble a shark’s fin designed by Winch Design, whereas the interiors by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design.

The other notable features include Beach Club, Spa Area, Deck Whirlpool, Air-Conditioning, wifi and the most eco-friendly yacht built to IMO Tier III Standards , exceptional deck areas and top amenities on board.

4.     Project 6507

Project 6507

Currently being under construction, the 118 metre Super yacht Project 6507 is the largest displacement yacht that provides more comfortable cruising when compared to fast yachts. Being built at Abeking & Rasnussen and designed inside out by Joseph Dirand, a well-known French Architect.

Key features include a special glass-fronted Neptune lounge, water sports toys, a personal submarine and a huge swimming pool.

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