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The ultimate guide to top commercial cleaning companies in Fresno

You may have heard that many of your competitors are hiring commercial cleaners, and you may be confused if you need it too. Well, before explaining further, let’s get this straight: commercial cleaning is essential to keep your commercial property safe and thriving. This article covers everything there is to know about this cleaning, its types, and the top commercial cleaning companies in Fresno. So, let’s start with the basic definition. 

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is defined as a non-residential professional cleanup in working buildings such as parking lots, offices, and public buildings. An expert commercial cleaner or a cleaning company is mandatory for this washing. Also, it requires heavy industrial machines to carry out the task. Some of the sectors that commercial cleaning covers include: 

  • ● Offices 
  • ● Hospitals
  • ● Schools
  • ● Parking lots 
  • ● Shopping Malls and shops
  • ● Factories 
  • ● Restaurants and many more  

What is the difference between residential and commercial cleaning?

Residential cleaning is performed on the domestic level. It involves washing homes, apartments, rooms, and other living spaces. Unlike commercial, residential cleaning is simpler, more careful, and does not require heavy equipment. It may also charge less and sometimes take more time to complete. 

Even if you own a double or triple-story house, you will require residential cleaning, not commercial one. This is because the building structure, interior, and washing materials differ from those in work buildings. House furnishings require careful washing, and these are not much dirty either so that they can be cleaned with lighter and safer detergents. Commercial areas, on the other hand, experience heavy people traffic, and the materials there get too much dirty. Therefore, they require industrial detergents, machinery, and experienced cleaners who can handle heavy accessories and do the job much faster.   

Types and services  

Commercial cleaning is not an individual type of cleaning. It has further divisions based on the specific cleaning services and the area that requires cleanup. Depending upon why you need cleanup, commercial cleaning has the following categories: 

Post-construction cleaning: This is required when you have had recent construction in your office, and now the post-construction junk needs removing.  

Building disinfection: Commercial sanitization and disinfection services are mostly needed before or after a prevalent disease such as COVID-19.   

Emergency commercial cleaning: Spills, accidents, and putrid odors are some of the situations that require immediate solutions.  

Janitorial cleaning: This is a regular cleaning in commercial sectors and is more detailed and professional than maid cleaning.  

Deep cleaning: This commercial cleaning involves in-depth vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, cleaning, and drying of all the interior and exterior building components involving furniture and upholstery. 

Regarding the specific building areas that need cleaning, top commercial cleaning companies in Fresno provide the following services: 

  • Window cleaning 
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Power and pressure washing 
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Dumpster enclosure cleaning 
  • Floor cleaning 
  • Green area cleaning 

Signs that you need a commercial cleaner 

Many property owners intend to save money and neglect the need for commercial cleanup. In return, it costs them even more. Not scheduling professional cleaning every six months or so can cause your building to deteriorate and germs to prevail, affecting your business growth and revenue. So, whenever you feel the following signs, don’t hesitate to hire a commercial cleaner: 

  • Your building has stubborn, sticky spots everywhere 
  • Office furniture and upholstery look old and dusty
  • Bathrooms and kitchens have rust and permanent stains 
  • Carpets, curtains, and mats have a foul odor 
  • Your office/shop environment does not feel fresh, and the air quality feels bad 
  • Your employees are unhappy and irritated 
  • It’s been months since the last deep cleanup 
  • You just had a construction (either big or small) 

How to choose a cleaning company? 

There is high competition among cleaning companies nowadays. Anyone with a basic understanding of the process claims to be a professional in the business. That’s why finding the right agency has become very difficult. However, some characteristics distinguish top commercial cleaning companies in Fresno from amateur ones. These include: 

  • Good market reputation
  • Excellence in customer services
  • Quick and on-time services
  • Latest tools and procedures  
  • Exceptional results and customer satisfaction
  • Trained and certified workers 

Commercial cleaning – points to remember

Commercial cleaning is an essential service for all property owners. It protects the building from structural damage and the individuals from diseases and comes with various services per needs. After you are sure you require commercial cleaning for your office, selecting top commercial cleaning companies in Fresno is daunting. Remember to keep the specific qualities of a leading company in mind before choosing one. For example, you can contact (Commercial Cleaning Services) for professional results and high-quality services.   

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