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Thinking to get PKNIC domain? Here is what you need to know!

When I registered for my first website, it took me months to decide on the correct name. Therefore, I shall discuss the first and foremost step to entering the digital world to keep you from the grind I dealt with. Whether you get PKNIC domain or a generic domain, you must make an informed choice. So, let’s look at what you must know about your domain. 

A look back in time

Initially, there have been generic top-level domains extensions only such as .org, .edu, .mil, .gov, and .net. The number of available domains reached twenty. However, the growing popularity and vigorously increasing demand led to further expansion of the domain space. Therefore, we now have various categories for domain extensions. While choosing a domain, one of the main concerns is to choose the right domain extension. 

Indeed, our domain name is more like a peeking hole for your customers to get an idea of your brand. Furthermore, it serves as a tool to create awareness and attract your target customers. Moreover, it carries your reputation and establishes your brand name as tech-savvy. Lastly, it helps you benefit from the perks of digital marketing. Hence, whether you get pknic domain or choose a generic domain extension, it must align with your brand. 

gTLDs or a PKNIC Prepaid card I have already discussed the importance of choosing the right domain extension. The choice of domain extension mainly depends upon the intent of use. For example, if you look out for PKNIC, a PKNIC card refers to the pk domain registry. It allows you to get one of the various web links such as .net.pk, .biz.pk, .gov.pk, or .com.pk etc. 

Notably, whatever domain extension you choose, if you get PKNIC prepaid cards from a reliable provider such as Navicosoft, you can register or modify any Pakistani domain name. Furthermore, when you get PKNIC domain, the renewal of PKNIC cards is relatively straightforward.  

On the other hand, anyone with a registered private or public organization can register a gTLD domain. Getting a gTLD, you must be wary of the accreditation of your domain provider with ICANN. There are four main gTLDs such as .com, .net, .org, and .co. Each of the gTLD offers unique advantages to the users. 

1. Availability 

Albeit the wide variety of available domain extensions these days, you may still have to struggle to get the domain of your choice. Therefore, it is always best to confirm the availability of your desired domain extension with a suitable domain name. For example, the most reliable gTLD is .com. According to the stats, 37% of live websites currently have a .com domain extension. Due to consequent overuse, finding a .com extension for your desired domain name may become quite a task. Hence, if you find it, you get it. The competition may be even fiercer if you plan to get PKNIC domain. 

2. Branding or SEO 

Initially, you will always have to decide among the two most common approaches regarding the domain name. It is ultimately your call whether you would like to pitch a branding effect or SEO will be your focus. If branding wins the toss, you will have a domain with a made-up fancy word having no apparent relation to your formal branding. However, it will be easy to remember. Indeed, brandable is better than generic. Being easy to remember will serve you better for creating brand awareness. 

However, if your primary target is your SEO ranking on SERPs, you must be considerate. If you are a local business, buying PKNIC prepaid cards is the best option for you because it helps the search engine rank your domain based on your ccTLD. Moreover, the domain name is usually not that catchy, but it will be curated according to the SEO metrics. Hence, even if the domain is not that lucrative, it enables you to enjoy all the search engine optimization perks. 

Lastly, for a unique and optimized domain name, you can create new words just as Google, Bing and Yahoo did. You can also use existing yet exciting words. For this, you may even use a thesaurus. Lastly, you can also employ domain name generators to create a unique, lucrative domain name.  

3. Shorter is better

Short domain names are always the best whether you get PKNIC domain or a gTLD domain. As indicated, the main concern while choosing the domain name is that it must be rememberable. Indeed, short names are easy to process and recall. According to a detailed survey, the optimal length for a popular domain name ranges from up to 12 characters. The scale of popularity here refers to the website traffic. 

Therefore, it is advised that your domain name length must lie between 6 to 14 characters. I am well aware that the persuasive short domain names are mostly already acquired. In such a situation, you might consider shifting your focus from a short SEO domain to a precise, brandable name. 

4. Plan for long term

Foresightedness has never harmed anyone. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry. However, if you plan to work on your online existence in the long run, you must prepare. We have already discussed the over-populated online space and limited chances to get PKNIC domain extensions for your desired domain name. Therefore, decide your domain name according to your long-term plans. If you think you may be expanding your business to other related niches, consider it while choosing your domain. 

On the contrary, changing the domain name will cost you money and branding and SEO rankings. 

5. Already Used or trademarked domain 

When you get PKNIC card for your desired domain at minimal PKNIC domain prices, you feel over the moon. However, this is not the time to celebrate just yet. You must consider checking if any trademarks are registered to the name. Searching social media for the name is also a recommended practice. Indeed, having the same name on social media is equally important. 

Moreover, by practising this habit, you can also avoid unanticipated legal issues. For example, the used domains can have some dark past, such as being blacklisted for some reason. Therefore, if you get PKNIC domain, never forget to check its status and history. 

Lastly, I hope you get the domain name you have always wanted with the clean chit at affordable PKNIC domain price. 


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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