Tips on styling your bracelet every day

We often invest in rings, necklaces, and earrings. However, there is one other perfect way to style your outfit. It’s the wrist. Bracelet is often an understated piece of jewellery. But it has undeniable potential.

Accessories are an extent of your personality. Thus, a lot of times we tend to overdo it a little bit. Whether it is a quirky bracelet or a very chic black diamond bracelet, there are numerous ways to style this piece of jewellery.

And today, we are going to do just that!

Let’s get started.

Ways to style your bracelet:

Consider the length of the sleeve

This is a very important factor that is overlooked a lot of times. The length of the sleeves matters a lot when it comes to choosing a bracelet.

If you are wearing long sleeves wearing a ring or dangle earrings might be a better option.

Wear shorter or 3/4th sleeves to show off a beautiful bracelet. It doesn’t make sense that you are wearing something nice, but no one sees it.

So, sleeveless, half-sleeves are the best option when you are wearing bracelets.

Never mix metals

We never discourage people from mixing and matching jewellery. If you can pull it off, it looks amazing. That doesn’t mean you can mix metals.

So, if you are wearing platinum ruby bracelets, consider sticking to a similar metal type for the rest of the jewellery. Thus, for rings, you need to go for platinum or silver. This way at least the tone remains the same.

Similarly, for a rose gold ruby bracelet or any other rose gold bracelet, stick to sterling silver for the rest of the jewellery pieces. Do not wear yellow gold; it will look very chaotic.

Try to mix and match
This one may sound confusing after the last point but hear us out.
A great way to jazz up any regular outfit is by mixing and matching jewellery pieces. And by that we mean try experimenting with different styles of bracelets.
For instance, if you are wearing a gorgeous black diamond tennis bracelet, add a few simple silver bangles. This will make the black diamond bracelet stand out more.

You can also mix tennis bracelets with a couple of string bracelets. To be more creative, try mixing colours of gemstones. Like, add nice ruby eternity rings with a pink bracelet.
Just ensure that the whole thing complements each other and not contrasts.
Complement your bracelet with watches
Watches are a great accessory for women. There are stylish, jewellery watches that can double as a bracelet.
So, if you only want to wear one bracelet, complement that with your favourite watch. Make sure the bands of the wristwatch are metals. And the metals should match your bracelet.

Wristwatches look great with statement bracelets. They don’t look chunky and give an effortlessly cool look to any regular outfit. A great choice for the office!
When in doubt, opt for less
Still new to wearing bracelets on a regular basis?
Don’t worry!
Experimenting is nice, but not at the cost of your confidence. Sometimes, simplicity works the best.
So, if you are in doubt, no need to mix and match. Instead, invest in a statement gemstone bracelet and wear that. Keep it minimum. You can put a ring on your finger to elevate the bracelet.
The look will be simple and elegant.
Choose something comfortable
Bracelets are beautiful but not all of them are comfortable. Sometimes, due to poor finishes, bracelets have hard edges which tend to get snagged with other things.
It is essential to remember that accessorising doesn’t mean you let go of your comfort. Buy bracelets from reliable and professional stores like AG & Sons. Not only you should be checking the quality of the gemstones and metals, but also the comfort of wearing them every day. Reputed stores would not have hard edges. The size should fit perfectly on your wrist.

Investing in bracelets can be a life saviour. It is one of those accessories which doesn’t make the most noise but makes your outfit complete.
We hope that these tips will encourage you to buy more gemstone bracelets for your wardrobe. One last tip—buy something that complements your wardrobe choices as well! It will be easier to style.

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