Top Drawbacks of Using a No Code Platform For Your App Idea

There is no denial in accepting that we have entered the digital world where everything is possible. Now, every business is integrating technology to shape and grow services. 

Also, app development is no longer an exception to technological advancement, as technology has taken over everything. Since app development involves many technologies, now app development is possible without coding knowledge. 

With the advent of the No Code app development platform, creating an application has become a piece of cake. The technology-enabled platforms have made it easy for anyone to build an app of their choice. 

Even people incorporate the latest technologies like AI with the No Code platform to create a mobile application. However, it seems interesting to those who don’t have much knowledge about coding; it has some drawbacks. Not to mention, you can’t put your services at stake by creating an app with loopholes when it comes to business. 

This is the reason you should hire an application development company to build your business app. To better understand the drawbacks of the No Code platform, here is some information worth your attention; read along!

The Most Common Drawbacks of Using the No Code Platforms to Create a Mobile Application

Using the No Code platform to build applications has pros and cons. But as there are more disadvantages to using such platforms rather than benefits. Some significant drawbacks are here: 

Learning Curve

What seems easy doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy. Since every No Code platform promises easy mobile app creation, it is not. No one can build an app within a few days using a technology-enabled platform as more complexities appear when you start the project. 

And when it comes to the user interface, user experience, information architecture, and heatmaps, you require technical expertise to match it with your requirements. Thus, learning these skills is essential to developing an app. For this reason, people prefer contacting a top mobile app development company to create an application. 

Security Issues

You can develop a mobile application with a No Code platform but limited access to your app’s code. With this, you receive only security from the platform. However, these platforms have safety guidelines; your app is secured as long as the platform is. Therefore, security is a considerable risk when you develop an application using the No Code platform. 

Since security and data privacy is the primary concern in this digital world, it would be the biggest drawback for you to create an app. For instance, your app is also at risk if any breach occurs in the company. 

Limitations to Creativity

Creativity is what interests a user and grabs their attention. Therefore, providing services is not only the thing that can let you survive the cut-throat competition; you must offer features that appeal to users. Thus, you may encounter challenges in creating complex designs and features to provide creative solutions. 

However, some No Code platforms may offer you the option to add code to create additional features, which requires an expert. In that case, the need for an application development company appears. And it can be time-consuming to enhance an application. 

Lack of Code Ownership

There is nothing better than starting to develop your product. You can create an application with the No Code platform, but later, you might encounter vendor lock-in when you have to advance your service. It can pose a challenge to you, and enhancement can be troublesome. 

There might be an instance when you face some differences with vendors to add features. And your reliability on the vendor increases with every passing day. And you don’t get the ownership of the code. So it is clearly a disadvantage of using the No Code platform for building a mobile application. 


It has been seen that many No Code platforms pose cost-effectiveness and promise to develop an app at the cheapest cost. But when you see the bigger picture, you can identify that the initial cost is low. The budget shoots when you need to advance your app with time. The limitation to access features for enhancing a developed app causes several problems. 

In a nutshell, if you want to grow your business and create an app, connect with a top mobile app development company. Only an experienced team can understand your vision and handle the project efficiently. So, collaborate with an agency with a strong app development background. 


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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