Top Alternatives And Proxy to be used in 2023

Are you not able to open torretnz2 or is it not working for you? The top rated torrent search engine’s is not working and its domain has stopped working for all the users across the world. Torrentz 2 was a very popular clone which was famous among the users and was a go to location for them when they want to look for games, movies, books, music and many other such things.

It was a search engine which displayed the results combined from all the torrent sites like the pirate bay, lime torrents, RARBG, kick ass torrents and many other sites like this. However, this site was shut down recently because of some legal issues by the government and the authorities. This is why in this blog we have brought up some alternative sites which the users can use when they want to access the content they used to using torrent z.

So, without any delay let us have a look at the best sites which can be used by the users as alternatives for extra torrentz2.

Best alternatives for torrentz 2 site –


It is a very popular clone site among the users and it has over 26 torrent sites which are there in the index of the site which means that the users can search for the best torrent files from these 26 torrent sites. You can get trending genres of movies, TV shows and many more things.

  • Snowfl

Next in line is Snowfall which is also a good option for the users to use. The site has a simple and straightforward interface which allows the users to roam around the site easily and look for the content they want to get. Snowflake shows content mainly from sites like 1337x, YTS, rock box and the pirates. To find the torrents the users just need to type in the keywords in the search bar.

  • Torrends

This is the home for the alternatives for torrentz which the users can use to get the torrents. It will allow the users to get the major torrent sites and meta search engines. It is powered by torrent seeker so that the site can display better results. When you scroll down the website the users will find more variety of things and different torrents can be accessed as well.

  • Toorgle

Toorgle is a torrent search engine which is inspired by Google and has the highest torrent sites for its users to look content from. This torrent search engine searches over 450 torrent sites so that it could provide the best result to its users. We said it is like Google search as it shows the results in form of Google search results. The users of Mozilla Firefox can install a search bar as well as an addon to look for torrent without even looking for visiting the search engines.

  • Veoble

Veeble is a dark themed torrent search engine and also uses Google custom search for displaying the results for the users. You can look up for the torrent files in eight different languages by applying the filters for the same. The torrent search engine supports languages like French, Spanish, Arabic, and other such languages.

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Other such sites which the users can use are the pirate bay, iDope, kick ass torrents and others.

In case you are not willing to use the alternative sites you can always use the torrentz2 proxy site which might be useful for the users.


This article is written only for information purposes, It doesn’t mean to promote such kinds of torrents websites which are banned by the gov.

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