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Wall Sconces: How to Choose the Right Ones?

Wall sconces or wall mounted lamps are a brilliant way to add character and ambiance to both the interior as well as exterior of your home. The light that produces from these wall lights helps to illuminate the entire alluring features of your home while creating a more attractive atmosphere. Wall sconces are out there in a wide variety of styles, each with its own unique set of features.

Having impressive options is great for homeowners, but with so many diverse types of wall sconces available on the market, deciding on which type of wall sconce is best for you might actually be a somewhat daunting task. Here are some types of sconces or wall lamps that you might want to consider for your purchase.

Up Light as well as Down Light Sconces

Nearly any sconce you come across is going to be a variation of the designs like down light, up light, or even up/down light. 

Up Light Sconces

In case you look forward to illuminating a large area, or you just prefer bright lighting, you might want to consider installing an up light lamp or sconce. This design directs light towards the ceiling, allowing the light to simply reflect off multiple surfaces or even angels and making the room look absolutely larger.

For this same reason, these are brilliant for smaller rooms, living areas, and apartments where brighter lighting is somewhat often preferred. This kind of sconce would also work well inside any type of room that doesn’t get much natural light. Since these can be brighter, this design might not be the perfect choice for intimate settings. 

Down Light Sconces

Talking about Down light sconces, these are specifically designed to direct the light coming from the fixture downward towards the ground. When the light is channelled in such a direction, it can help form up a warm as well as inviting environment. Since these offer a more conservative sum of light, down light sconces are perfect for making huge rooms feel slightly more intimate. However, this kind of sconce is not perfect for producing high levels of light. So, these incline to be more apt for formal, indoor events. 

Remember a general option for outdoor lighting is to simply install down light sconces on the exterior of your home to help illuminate paths. Down light sconces are absolutely friendly for dark sky lighting options, as the pattern does not generate a huge amount of light and keeps it contained to quite near the installation point, like walls or posts over walkways. 

Up or Down Sconces

Offering the best or finest of both worlds, up/down sconces are specifically designed to direct an equal amount of light in both directions.  Due to their versatility as well as the balanced illumination they offer, this sconce design is perfect for nearly any event or setting, no matter if it’s inside or even out. These are absolutely popular choices for bathroom lighting, hallway lighting, and even your outdoor walkway or patio lighting. 


To sum up, wall mounted types of lamps or sconces can bring light, charm and pleasure to your space. Since you have an idea about their designs, make the right purchase.

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