Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Regardless of where you live, in rural or urban regions, indoor air pollution is a cause for worry for all. Contaminants enter your abode through individuals, animals, and air currents. Although attaining a pollution-free household may prove challenging, it is imperative that everyone takes note of the management of indoor air quality. Here are four methods to minimize indoor air pollution and maintain a refreshing and pure atmosphere.

Open your windows

Opening your windows is the best technique to aerate your home. You can keep the windows open for a short duration despite the coldness outside, but it is advisable to avoid this measure if the pollen level is too high and if you have allergies. If feasible, try to attain cross-ventilation by opening as many windows as possible. However, make sure to utilize door stoppers to avoid the doors from banging shut. Opening your windows is a perfect way to economize on electricity costs during temperate weather since you can aerate your dwelling without using your air conditioning.

Keep the footwear outside

Removing your footwear upon entering the premises lessens the quantity of dirt and debris that infiltrates your abode. Despite the apparent cleanliness of your soles, they still carry impurities that cling to your shoes. If going barefoot inside your dwelling is not feasible, it is advisable to procure a doormat and encourage your guests to wipe their footwear before entering. Though it may take some time for individuals to adjust, wiping their shoes before stepping inside will soon become second nature to your family.

Sweep and vaccum regularly

Dust and dirt have a tendency to persist on the floors. In case you have tile or laminate, it becomes apparent that sweeping on a near-daily basis is imperative. This may also hold true for your carpets, however, contaminants could be concealed within the fibers, giving them the illusion of cleanliness despite the contrary. Regularly vacuuming will ensure that the quality of your indoor air remains pure since the contaminants will not linger in your living space. Additionally, if you own pets, vacuuming frequently becomes even more crucial, as they tend to bring in extra debris and dander.

Use exhaust fans

Run the exhaust fans in the kitchen to eliminate cooking odors and in the bathrooms to dispel moisture. Additionally, ensure that your dryer exhausts externally to decrease the amount of lint. To lower the concentration of pollen indoors on days when opening windows is not feasible, activate the fan mode on your window air conditioning system with a fresh filter.

Ban Smoking

Specialists suggest that cigarette smoke is among the most prevalent indoor air contaminants. The leftover fumes and particles from smoking tobacco that settle can result in health risks, especially in spaces with abundant fabric or carpeting. The term third-hand smoke refers to this phenomenon, which is commonly referred to as second-hand smoke. The dangers are more significant for youngsters who frequently play on the ground and individuals with chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Clean your air ducts

Unclean air ducts can jeopardize the well-being and safety of your loved ones. Hence, consider the numerous advantages of availing residential air duct cleaning services. Rejuvenate the aroma and quality of indoor air. Reach out to RoSmart Cleaning for a comprehensive assessment and cleansing of your home.

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