What are the benefits of Ozonated  ozonated oils?

Ozonated ozonated oils is a great healing remedy that many people have been buying and using for the past few years, and you may have even heard on television or read about the amazing benefits of this newly developed remedy. Internet. The fact is that ozonated virgin oil is not a new product. Researchers and historians have found references to the use of ozonated virgin  ozonated oils in the treatment of many conditions, including ringworm, skin yeast, and fungal infections, dating back more than 100 years.

The reason ozonated oils costs at least as much as its good quality is that producers take more than six months to produce it using the best extra virgin  ozonated oils they can find. The product itself is very cheap and of good quality, but the price is high. Pure ozone, an isotope of oxygen, bubbles through this extra virgin olive. This process takes three to six months. In this process, the excess bubbles through it absorb part of the ozone, which turns into an off-white paste with many healing properties.

Although it was first used successfully to treat wounds topically and prevent secondary infections, doctors soon began using it to treat infections and fungal overgrowth as well as yeast.

Ozonated ozonated oils to prevent periodontal abscess

Periodontitis is a condition that inevitably develops from previous periodontitis. Bacteria that are allowed to remain in the mouth due to lack of dental hygiene thrive in this acidic environment, causing gingivitis and bone loss around the teeth. . If this condition is not corrected, more dangerous bacteria invade the tooth pockets and their byproducts accelerate bone loss and gum disease.

This process may not develop painlessly until the inflammation gets trapped between the gums and teeth, leading to an abscess or pus. Pus is actually white blood cells that the body has spent to fight infection. As the pus grows, it causes pain and tenderness in the anus. The infection may appear to spread to your ear, chin, or throat. Swelling and swelling can make it difficult to open the mouth.

A common dental procedure to prevent tooth decay is to prescribe medications such as amoxicillin or erythromycin to control the infection. This will relieve most of the immediate pain. But the underlying problem still exists and will repeat itself without further intervention.

The disease is not contagious in infants and usually disappears within twelve months. Seborrheic dermatitis at this stage is seldom itchy or irritating, but if scratched, the skin can become more prone to other infections. There is some evidence that the condition in infancy is related to hormonal imbalance since most cases disappear before puberty.

Using ozonated ozonated oils is very helpful for this condition.

Ozonated ozonated oils is extra virgin  ozonated oils with strong medical grade ozone bubbles for up to one month. In the refrigerator it becomes very thick and saturated with ozonides. Ozonides are long-chain molecules that have oxygen bound or active oxygen in their molecules. Ozonated ozonated oils slows the release of active oxygen from the molecule. Activated oxygen inactivates viruses, destroys cell anaerobic bacteria and kills protozoa, yeast and other harmful organisms.

Recently discovered the use of ozonated ozonated oils for toothpaste. Alternative dentists working with ozone for dentistry discovered the value of this oxygen therapy for dental pockets and abscesses about five years ago.

Research suggests that it takes 24 hours of bacterial incubation in periodontal pockets for the organism to colonize to a level that destroys bone or gingivitis.

After thorough cleaning of the teeth, gums, and periodontal pockets, ozonated ozonated oils used daily kills enough bacteria to prevent colonization, so ozonated oil soft gels can be applied to the gums with a toothbrush or finger to reduce bone loss and inflammation. Oil enters the perio pockets up to 9 mm below the gum line.

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