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What Are The Dimensions Of A Typical Fireplace?

Building a home or renovating your current house is the ideal chance to think about making a huge expansion. A fireplace warms your space and in a split second causes a space to feel comfortable and safe. In any case, how much space does a fireplace utilize? We’ve done some examination and have some superb data for you! The run of the mill fireplace aspects fluctuate contingent upon much space you might want to dispense to them. 

Obviously, you need the fireplace to be adequately enormous to fuel without issue. The standard fireplace opening midpoints are between 24 – 36 inches wide, 24 – 29 inches high, and around 16 inches down. The separation from the hearth to the fireplace damper ought to be around 37 inches. 

So since you know, the commonplace fireplace aspects, we should examine them in more detail. We’ll analyze the life structures of a fireplace, what could cause your fireplace size to differ, just as answer a few different inquiries you may have. Continue to peruse!

What Are The Parts Of A Fireplace That Can Be Measured?


The firebox is the part of your fireplace that really holds the fire. You’ll see in the estimations we referenced over that the fireplace’s back isn’t quite as wide or high as the fireplace opening. This is significant in light of the fact that the plan of the fireplace ought to have the dividers squeezing in rearward. This molding is basic in guaranteeing the smoke is appropriately coordinated out of your home.

Fireplace Opening

The launch of your fireplace is actually as it sounds. This is the front of your fireplace, and it may include a fireplace shelf or mantelpiece that was originally used as a hood around the fireplace to direct smoke away from the room. These days, the term incorporates the improving system around the fireplace. Although this is necessary for the outside of your fireplace, the fireplace opening measurement should not include the shelf’s range.


The damper is the moveable piece over your fire that controls the wind stream. As referenced above, the damper should be 37 creeps over the hearth. Furthermore, it ought to be at least 8 crawls over the highest point of the fireplace opening. On the off chance that the damper is definitely not a legitimate distance over the opening, you would dislike some going into your room.


It ought to reach out somewhere around 16 creeps before your fireplace opening and no less than 8 crawls past the fireplace opening on one or the other side. The hearth expansion is fundamental, as it gives sufficient space to get any gotten away from ashes and forestalls heat harm to your floors.

What Influences the Size of a Fireplace?

When constructing a fireplace, there are a few factors to consider that will influence the size.

Size Of The Room

The first thing to think about is the size of the space where you want to put the fireplace. The size of the fireplace should straightforwardly correspond with the size of the room. The inverse is additionally evident; assuming you have a huge room and minuscule fireplace.


Your very own style will likewise play a component in the size of your fireplace. Do you need a many-sided shelf that reaches out to the roof? Do you need something negligible and scarcely recognizable with the exception of the popping fire? These are everything to think about when measuring your fireplace. This fireplace, as you can see in the photograph below, is a rather modern issue wide and short, permitting the fire to be the fundamental eye-getting part of this fireplace.


The sort of material of which your fireplace is caused will have a clear bearing on the construction’s comparing size. Assuming you have a traditional physical fireplace, these will be fundamentally bigger than a pre-assembled one. To have every one of the parts in line for a physical fireplace will be a fairly huge construction. 

A pre-fab fireplace will squeeze into more modest spaces and could be exceptionally worked with whatever size and style you have as a main priority. Pre-assembled fireplaces are made generally of metal and glass with protected dividers, and they are designed for ideal wellbeing.


Where your fireplace will be situated in your room influences its size. On the off chance that your fireplace is in a corner or the center of your room, this will influence how enormous it is. For corner fireplaces, your aspects will need to veer away from some traditional fireplace aspects.

What Is The Best Way To Measure The Size Of A Fireplace?

You’ll require a standard measuring tape to quantify your fireplace appropriately. To gauge the profundity, you’ll run the measuring tape from the rear of the fireplace to the opening. Then, measure the tallness. Do likewise from one side to another to get the width of the opening. You will likewise have to quantify the back of the firebox as this number will be not quite the same as the fireplace opening estimations. Whenever you’ve estimated the tallness and width of the opening, the profundity, and the stature and width at the back of the firebox, you will have precisely estimated the components of your fireplace.

What Is The Standard Opening Size For A Fireplace?

The standard size of a fireplace is somewhere in the range of 2 – 3 feet wide, 24 – 29 inches high, and consistently around 16 inches down. Obviously, the opening could shift contingent upon your style and plan thoughts, just as where you are finding the fireplace. However, a traditional physical fireplace for the most part falls inside these estimations.

What is the minimum height requirement for the mantel over the fireplace?

Traditionally, the mantelpiece over a fireplace reaches out around 12 inches vertically. Also, the mantelpiece is around 6 inches down, taking into consideration improvements. Many decide to show family pictures or occasional embellishments on their mantelpiece, and the actual mantelpiece is an incredible method for articulating your thoughts.

Should the mantel of a fireplace be wider than the fireplace itself?

A fireplace shelf ought to be more extensive than the fireplace. Commonly, a shelf ought to broaden 3 crawls outside of the fireplace opening, however, the normal is around 6 inches. Shelves are the place where your own style can really sparkle, regardless of whether that be moderate or elaborate. To peruse more with regards to fireplace shelves and their aspects, read our post, “Should a Fireplace Mantel Be Wider Than The Fireplace?”


Commonplace fireplace aspects are just a little piece of guaranteeing fireplace wellbeing. The aspects can change however should connect 100% of the time to guarantee the protected activity of your fireplace. Use your fireplace as a method for showing your style and make a comfortable, inviting space.

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