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What are the Importance Of e learning in 21st century?

This article will describe the importance of e learning in 21st century. The present scenario is that an online training is being opted by many companies and educational institute as well these days. The employees can easily complete their training along with their work time.

E learning is not a new concept in the education sector. However, the spread of COVID-19 has increased the need for academic institutions to use digital services to drive training and career development.

Because we all know what changes does COVID-19 made to e-learning, there is a greater need for schools to provide online experiences to students through online platforms.

Whether E-learning is the act of learning or teaching through learning tools such as software applications, portable devices, and the internet.

The use of digital learning platforms is dramatically altering our educational system. Classroom learning to train is gradually becoming obsolete as a result of high-speed internet and technological advancement. The pandemic has increased the global significance of e-learning.

Redefining the Purpose of E-Learning:

They frequently referred online education to as e learning. It is changing the way education is delivered and received. With a year of COVID-19 outbreak, e-learning has firmly established itself in the sector, helping to transform education.however, the idea behind e – learning implementation is to enable students to study without having to attend education system by providing better institution and quality curriculum content.

Importance of e-learning:

Just after the pandemic, youngsters benefited greatly from a huge change to electronic learning. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology considers online learning to be an important tool for education. The advancement of technology has facilitated faster access to information.

Let’s break down how e-learning is influencing the education sector:

Meets the requirements of each student:

Each student’s needs are met through online learning. The digitalization has resulted in significant changes in how we access services. Students can learn on the go, regardless of where they are.

Lessons are transmitted electronically:

Students have completely adapted the e-learning concept after 2020. Among the reasons is easy access to lessons.

They can access information more quickly through online learning than through traditional methods of teaching. In comparison to traditional learning, can different instructional strategies can save much time.


Web – based learning enables learners to create and communicate fresh ideas. Aside from school, you have the opportunity to improve your abilities and learn new things.

Moreover, it is one of the most important aspects of e-learning is that it assists students and teachers in developing essential skills.

You can attend lectures as many times as you want.

In contrast to classroom instruction, students can access e learning content as many times as they want. Also, It is useful when studying for the exam. You can access the lecture and do whatever you want and recreate lessons as many times as you want with online learning.

Sharing knowledge:

E-learning has aimed to bring together learners, mentors, professionals, educators, and other interest groups. As a result, there is a good practice of knowledge sharing practiced through various online platforms. This is critical in today’s world, where competition is increasing and the world is expanding. In addition,Fast information aids an individual’s development.


E-learning has now become a necessity of 21st Century. Through the e-learning we can easily take the education to a high level and in the reach of every individual present across the world. In the future, it will become usual for people to learn some skills through this.

 Now through e-learning we are free from time barrier & space barrier and easily get access to many resources like videos, documents, articles, etc. Hence, educating through e-learning has many advantages over face-to-face teaching or over reading textbooks or reference books.

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