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What Protective Packaging Should I Use?

Protective packaging is a packaging that protects the materials or products from damage and potential harm during transportation. Materials such as plastic, metal, cardboard, etc, are used to make protective packaging. Generally, the product is either wrapped with it or it is added to the box in which the product is to be put. It protects the products from shock, dust and dirt. It provides a cushion to the products, hence protects them from being damaged. You can find a lot of cardboard box suppliers online that can provide you with protective packaging materials. Packaging Midlands is one of them.

Protective packaging materials are the best for fragile products. These materials are the best for shipping fragile products. Packaging materials such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard box, foam packaging, etc, are some of the materials that are used as protective packaging. You should be well aware about these materials so that you can use them in future for packing products. They are highly useful and can be used both for personal benefits and professional benefits. In this article, we will look at some of the protective packaging materials that you should use while shipping products.

1. Bubble Wrap

This is a mostly used protective packaging material. You must have seen so many products wrapped in this bubble wrap. Sometimes a large roll of bubble wrap is used to wrap a product while shipping. Two sheets are used to make this bubble wrap and air bubbles are trapped between them. Generally they act as a cushion for fragile, delicate and expensive items.

Bubble wrap is flexible in nature. Because it can cut into different shapes and sizes according to the shape and size of the product. It is suitable for lightweight products.

2. Foam Packaging

This is another type of protective packaging material used for shipping products. It is versatile in nature. It protects your products from vibration, dust and dirt and from moisture. There are different varieties of foam packaging that you can use for shipping products.

There are foams in U-shape and L-shape, foams in thin sheets, antistatic foams are some of the foam packaging used to shield products and protect them from moisture, dust, dirt, bumps and breakage.

3. Corrugated Cardboard Box

This is one of the finest protective packaging materials used for shipping products. They are mostly used to ship heavyweight products. Most importantly they are eco-friendly as they are biodegradable in nature. They can be reused and recycled. Sometimes, three to five layers of corrugated cardboard sheets are used to create blocks and pads.

4. Air Pillows

This protective packaging material protects the products inside the container from the damage by using air pressure and by creating an air barrier. However it is not trustable in extreme climate conditions. Because the air pressure decreases in low temperature and increases at high temperature which may cause damage to the products.

5. Stretch Films

This protective packaging material is highly elastic that sticks to the glass surface and can be wrapped around any products. Since it is highly elastic, it never opens once wrapped around a product. It protects the product from dust, dirt, moisture and ultraviolet rays.

6. Kraft Paper

It is another type of packaging material used for shipping lightweight, heavyweight and medium weight products. It is highly strong and is made up of cellulosic gel. This is generally used to fill the empty space inside the container by wrapping and crumpling.

Summing Up

Protective packaging materials are useful in various ways. They help in protecting different products ranging from fragile, lightweight to heavy products. They protect the products from damage. Not only that, they also protect the products from dust, dirt, moisture, shocks and bumps. There are a variety of packaging products available. You can choose them depending upon the shape, size and weight of the product. 

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