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What Should You Do If Your Heat Pump Is Frozen

Noticed a frozen heat pump; what to do now?

The issue of a frozen heat pump is widespread, but don’t worry, and it’s not a big deal that cannot be solved. This phenomenon basically happens in the winter season or in places where there is mild winter. According to professional heat pump services , if your heat pump has light frost, then there are no issues. But if your unit is fully covered with ice that doesn’t defrost for 3-4 hours, then there is something wrong with the defrost functionality.

The problem mainly occurs in the cold, rainy season and also in the snow. This issue of a frozen heat pump is very serious and can only be tackled by the best heat pump repair in San Diego, as they will inspect the unit and then tell you there is something wrong with it. The problem of ice in a heat pump occurs when you are not maintaining your heat pump properly.

How will you get to know your heat pump is frozen?

Well, it is pretty challenging to know this issue if you are not doing a visual inspection of the unit. But apart from visual inspection, various signs indicate this story. Some of those signs are: –

  • The heat pump is not operating correctly.
  • Heat pumps are installed to keep the home warm during the winter season, but if they are unable to reach the desired temperature, then it shows that the heat pump is frozen.
  • The defrost cycle doesn’t activate.
  • Air is not getting inside the heat pump.
  • The top unit, or you can say coil, is fully covered with ice.

Causes of heating pump frozen.

Some of the common issues that cause a heat pump to freeze. They are: –

  1. Excess moisture

According to the professional heat pump repair in San Diego, the water gets build-up, and the excess moisture gets trapped in the heat pump; it will allow water to get inside the unit, because of which the problem of excess humidity occurs.

  • Restricted airflow

With time, leaves, debris, snow, and plant matter gets inside the heat pump and clog the unit, which causes freezing inside the unit. This clog will occur in outdoor units, mainly in vents or the system’s filters.

  • Technical malfunction

If you are noticing your complete unit is covered with ice for a very long time, it is the sign of a severe issue that needs professional attention. This problem is due to various reasons like low refrigerant level, and bad defrost control or timer, bad defrost relay, etc.

  • Improper installation

Sometimes due to improper installation, the heat pump freezes. That’s why it is always recommended to call the professional for its installation as they are experienced, licensed, and skilled for the work and ensure that it is appropriately installed without issues when running.

When does a frozen heat pump become a severe problem?

Well, a frozen heat pump is not always the issue. According to experts, the thickness of the ice can tell whether the problem is severe or can be handled easily with some easy steps. However, the ice that forms on the heat pump during the defrosting cycle can melt easily.

But if you notice the ice is not melting after 3-4 hours, the heat pump will be in trouble. In that case, calling a technician will be the right choice as they will inspect the unit and do the needful.

How to fix the problem of a frozen heat pump?

  1. Inspect the area around the system

There are various obstructions outside the unit that can suffocate the outdoor unit of the heat pump, like, snow, dirt, debris, etc. All these things help prevent the evaporator coil from offering adequate heat, which causes freezing issues.

So, in order to fix this issue, ensure to assess the area around the system, and if there is dirt, dust, or debris near the system, clean the space. Moreover, also ensure that the gutter drip of the unit, which is located on top of the outdoor unit, is draining water or not. If it is not draining water appropriately, the water goes inside the heat pump, which causes the heat pump to freeze when the temperature drops.

  • Switch off the unit

If you want to fix the heat pump issue, ensure to turn off the unit as soon as possible. The reason is if it continues to operate in a malfunction situation, the damage will be more which can take your ample money.

  • Check clogged air filters.

With time, when you don’t maintain the unit regularly, the air filters are clogged with dirt, debris, dust, and leaves of the plants. So, check the air filters and if they are blocked, clean them or replace them, whatever can solve the issue.

  • Pour hot water into the heat pump.

If you are noticing visible ice on the heat pump, don’t make the mistake of scraping the ice with some sharp object, as this step can damage the coils and sometimes the unit. Let the ice melt itself, or you can pour hot water on the heat pump so the melting process will become faster.

  • Move sensor

This is another alternative solution in which you can try to defrost the ice from the heat pump. It is moving the temperature sensor, which is located on the exterior of the unit. It is true that in the case of ice, the heat pump has to work longer so that it offers the desired temperature to the home.

But if the sensor is in direct sunlight, the defrost cycle will not work for a long time. So, to solve this problem make sure to put the outer portion of the thermostat outside. Remember, if you opt for this fix, mark the position of the sensor before removing it, as you can place it there when the problem is solved.

  • Try to run the fan

This is another hack that you can try to unfreeze the heat pump. That means when the air touches the heat pump and the equipment, ice will thaw away within no time. But this solution is short-term as every heat pump doesn’t have a fan setting option.

The bottom line

The above steps can help you to fix the issue of frozen heat pumps within no time.. But if the heat pump does not defrost in a maximum of 4 hours, then calling the best heat pump repair in San Diego is the best option. However, this step can also be used if you are not confident to troubleshoot your system yourself.

But make sure you always rely on the best and trustworthy company for the repair of your heat pump. So, open your eyes, research the best company and then make the final decision so that your money will be worth the investment.

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